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8x85 RGB POV Display. Part 1

Brads electronic projects

This was my first attempt at a nice and colourful RGB LED POV Display.

÷ветной POV дисплей 8х85 пикселов

POV stands for persistence of vision. The circuit uses just 8 RGB leds which are mounted vertically and when spun horizontally it gives the illusion of having an 8×85 pixel display.

Here’s a few of photos of my original design (without a position sensor)

LEDS on but not yet spinning

÷ветной POV дисплей 8х85 пикселов

Starting to spin up.

÷ветной POV дисплей 8х85 пикселов

The retrobrad display

÷ветной POV дисплей 8х85 пикселов

To be continued

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  • hi i need a schematic of this project thnx
  • Hi. There is the Part 2 8x85 RGB POV Display

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