Przemyslaw Krehlik

Przemyslaw Krehlik

University of Mining and Metallurgy, Krakow, Poland

Areas of interest of the author: Analogue Design Measurement Signal Processing, Filters Oscillators

Co-authors: Lukasz Sliwczynski

Publications on RadioLocman by the author Przemyslaw Krehlik:

  1. High-speed peak detector uses ECL comparator
    Lukasz Sliwczynski Przemyslaw Krehlik
    Professional electronics designers often use peak-detector circuit sin such applications as amplitude measurement, automatic gain control, and data regeneration. You can build a simple and fast peak detector from a serial diode and a shunt capacitor, but it suffers from serious...
  2. Comparator Uses Signal-Dependent Hysteresis
    Lukasz Sliwczynski Przemyslaw Krehlik
    Sometimes, you need to distinguish between two voltages, using some hysteresis in the decision. When the levels of the compared signals vary over a wide range (for example, a few orders of magnitude), the hysteresis width should vary similarly to ensure a constant ratio between...
  3. Circuit Forms Random-Bit-Sequence Generator
    Lukasz Sliwczynski Przemyslaw Krehlik
    A random-bit-sequence generator is basic equipment for prototyping and testing any data-transmission system. You use such a generator when measuring BER (bit-error rate) and pattern-dependent effects in a transmission system. Such effects can include baseline wander,...