David Ng

David Ng

Linear Technology

Areas of interest of the author: Supply Light Power

Co-authors: Adam Huff

Publications on RadioLocman by the author David Ng:

  1. Tapped inductor, boost regulator deliver high voltage
    Adam Huff David Ng
    When you face the task of generating a regulated voltage that's higher than the available power-supply voltage, you may consider a boost regulator. Although a boost converter can in theory generate almost any voltage that's higher than its input, practical considerations...
  2. μModule LED Driver Integrates All Circuitry, Including the Inductor, in a Surface Mount Package
    Design Note 445 Introduction Once relegated to the hinterlands of low cost indicator lights, the LED is again in the spotlight of the lighting world. LED lighting is now ubiquitous, from car headlights to USB-powered lava lamps. Car headlights exemplify applications that...

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