Jorge Marcos Acevedo

Jorge Marcos

University of Vigo, Vigo, Spain

Areas of interest of the author: Automation Security Power

Co-authors: Ana Gómez Camilo Quintáns

Publications on RadioLocman by the author Jorge Marcos Acevedo:

  1. Oscillating Output Improves System Security
    Ana Gómez Jorge Marcos
    Many electronic-control systems have digital outputs that use transistors. One method of improving the security in these outputs is to use an oscillating signal to represent a logic-high state instead of a fixed voltage level (Figure 1). This type of signal, a dynamic...
  2. MOSFET Provides High Power at Low Loss
    Camilo Quintáns Jorge Marcos
    PN-junction diodes often have a dropout voltage of approximately 1.2V for silicon power diodes. That voltage drop causes power diodes to dissipate considerable power, resulting in a loss of efficiency in a power supply. In a photovoltaic panel with 120W of power and 24V nominal...
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