Maria Lourdes Lacanilao-Edang

Maria Lourdes Lacanilao-Edang

Maria Lourdes Lacanilao-Edang (M.Engg) has instructed a diverse range of courses in the field of computer engineering, from Basic Electronics to Computer Design Interface Projects. Currently serving as faculty member at the University of Santo Tomas (Manila, Philippines), she specializes in the IT Automation track with particular interests in embedded systems, web and mobile app development, and IoT.

Areas of interest of the author: Oscillators

Co-authors: Arthur Edang

Publications on RadioLocman by the author Maria Lourdes Lacanilao-Edang:

  1. RLD-based astable 555 timer circuit
    Arthur Edang Maria Lourdes Lacanilao-Edang
    In the classic configuration and most variants of the astable 555 multivibrator circuit, the timing characteristics are based on the charging and discharging of a capacitor. However, it can be argued that since the exponential voltage of a capacitor is qualitatively similar to...
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