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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC1250CS8

ManufacturerLinear Technology
Part NumberLTC1250CS8

Very Low Noise Zero-Drift Bridge Amplifier


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    LTC1250 - Very Low Noise Zero-Drift Bridge Amplifier
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    Very Low Noise
    Zero-Drift Bridge Amplifier U DESCRIPTIO FEATURES

    ■ The LTC®1250 is a high performance, very low noise zerodrift operational amplifier. The LTC1250’s combination of
    low front-end noise and DC precision makes it ideal for use
    with low impedance bridge transducers. The LTC1250
    features typical input noise of 0.75µVP-P from 0.1Hz to
    10Hz, and 0.2µVP-P from 0.1Hz to 1Hz. The LTC1250 has
    DC to 1Hz noise of 0.35µVP-P, surpassing that of low noise
    bipolar parts including the OP-07, OP-77, and LT1012.
    The LTC1250 uses the industry-standard single op amp
    pinout, and requires no external components or nulling
    signals, allowing it to be a plug-in replacement for bipolar
    op amps. Very Low Noise: 0.75µVP-P Typ, 0.1Hz to 10Hz ...


LTC1250 Very Low Noise Zero-Drift Bridge Amplifier FEATURES DESCRIPTIO Very Low Noise: 0.75VP-P Typ, 0.1Hz to 10Hz DC to 1Hz Noise Lower Than OP-07 Full Output Swing into 1k Load Offset Voltage: 10V Max Offset Voltage Drift: 50nV/C Max Common Mode Rejection Ratio: 110dB Min Power Supply Rejection Ratio: 115dB Min No External Components Required Pin Compati...

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Series: LTC1250 (6)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Signal Conditioning Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) Precision Amplifiers
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