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Datasheet Microchip MCP14A0052T-E/CH

Part NumberMCP14A0052T-E/CH

The MCP14A0051 and MCP14A0052 are inverting and non-inverting, 500mA MOSFET drivers in 2x2 DFN and SOT-23 packages


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    MCP14A0051/MCP14A0052 Data Sheet
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    0.5A MOSFET Driver
    With Low Threshold Input And Enable
    Features General Description High Peak Output Current: 0.5A (typical) Wide Input Supply Voltage Operating Range:
    -4.5V to 18V Low Shoot-Through/Cross-Conduction Current in
    Output Stage High Capacitive Load Drive Capability:
    -1000 pF in 40 ns (typical) Short Delay Times: 33 ns (tD1), 24 ns (tD2) (typical) Low Supply Current: 375 ВµA (typical) Low Voltage Threshold Input and Enable with
    Hysteresis Latch-Up Protected: Withstands 500 mA Reverse
    Current Space-Saving Packages:
    -6L SOT-23
    -6L 2 x 2 DFN The MCP14A0051/2 devices are high-speed MOSFET
    drivers that are capable of providing up to 0.5A of peak
    current while operating from a single 4.5V to 18V
    supply. The inverting (MCP14A0051) or non-inverting
    (MCP14A0052) single-channel output is directly
    controlled from either TTL or CMOS (2V to 18V) logic.
    These devices also feature low shoot-through current,
    matched rise and fall times, and short propagation
    delays which make them ideal for high switching
    frequency applications. Applications Switch Mode Power Supplies
    Pulse Transformer Drive
    Line Drivers
    Level Translator ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Capacitive Load Drive1000pF in 40ns
Driver TypeLow-Side Single
FeaturesLow Thresholds
Maximum Supply Voltage18 V
Output Resistance12.5 source/sink, O
Peak Output Current0.5 source/sink, A
Propagation Delay35 Td1/Td2, ns
Rise/Fall Time40 Tr/Tf, ns

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Series: MCP14A0052 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Power MOSFET Drivers > Low Side

Other Names:

MCP14A0052TE/CH, MCP14A0052T E/CH

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