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Datasheet Texas Instruments OPA2140

Datasheet Texas Instruments OPA2140

ManufacturerTexas Instruments

11MHz, Precision, Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Output, 36V JFET Operational Amplifier


  • Download » Datasheet PDF, 1.8 Mb, Revision: C, File published: Aug 17, 2016
    High-Precision, Low-Noise, Rail-to-Rail Output, 11-MHz JFET Op Amp datasheet
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    Design OPA140, OPA2140, OPA4140
    SBOS498C – JULY 2010 – REVISED AUGUST 2016 High-Precision, Low-Noise, Rail-to-Rail Output,
    11-MHz JFET Op Amp
    1 Features 3 Description The OPA140, OPA2140, and OPA4140 operational
    amplifier (op amp) family is a series of low-power
    JFET input amplifiers that features good drift and low
    input bias current. The rail-to-rail output swing and
    input range that includes V– allow designers to take
    advantage of the low-noise characteristics of JFET
    amplifiers while also interfacing to modern, singlesupply, precision analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)
    and digital-to-analog converters (DACs). 1 Very Low Offset Drift: 1 ОјV/В°C Maximum
    Very Low Offset: 120 ОјV
    Low Input Bias Current: 10 pA Maximum
    Very Low 1/f Noise: 250 nVPP, 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz
    Low Noise: 5.1 nV/в€љHz
    Slew Rate: 20 V/Ојs
    Low Supply Current: 2 mA Maximum ...


Family: OPA140, OPA2140, OPA4140


Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)Active (Recommended for new designs)Active (Recommended for new designs)Active (Recommended for new designs)
Manufacture's Sample AvailabilityYesNoYesNo


Package TypeDDGKDGKD
Package QTY7525002502500
Device MarkingO2140A21402140O2140A
Width (mm)3.91333.91
Length (mm)4.9334.9
Thickness (mm)
Pitch (mm)
Max Height (mm)1.751.071.071.75
Mechanical DataDownload »Download »Download »Download »


Additional FeaturesN/AN/AN/AN/A
CMRR(Min), dB126126126126
CMRR(Typ), dB140140140140
GBW(Typ), MHz11111111
Input Bias Current(Max), pA10101010
Iq per channel(Max), mA2222
Iq per channel(Typ), mA1.
Number of Channels2222
Offset Drift(Typ), uV/C0.350.350.350.35
Operating Temperature Range, C-40 to 125-40 to 125-40 to 125-40 to 125
Output Current(Typ), mA30303030
Package Size: mm2:W x L, PKG8SOIC: 29 mm2: 6 x 4.9(SOIC)8VSSOP: 15 mm2: 4.9 x 3(VSSOP)8VSSOP: 15 mm2: 4.9 x 3(VSSOP)8SOIC: 29 mm2: 6 x 4.9(SOIC)
Rail-to-RailIn to V-,OutIn to V-,OutIn to V-,OutIn to V-,Out
Slew Rate(Typ), V/us20202020
Total Supply Voltage(Max), +5V=5, +/-5V=1036363636
Total Supply Voltage(Min), +5V=5, +/-5V=
Vn at 1kHz(Typ), nV/rtHz5.
Vos (Offset Voltage @ 25C)(Max), mV0.

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Application Notes

  • Download » Application Notes PDF, 88 Kb, File published: Dec 31, 2013
    OPA140, OPA2140, OPA4140 EMI Immunity Performance
  • Download » Application Notes PDF, 44 Kb, File published: Oct 2, 2000
    Tuning in Amplifiers
    Have you ever had the experience of designing an analog gain block with an amplifier that is specified to be unity gain stable only to find that it is oscillating out of control in your circuit? Or have you ever replaced a stable voltage feedback amplifier with a current feedback amplifier to find that the current feedback amplifier immediately oscillates when placed in the amplifier socket? Oscil
  • Download » Application Notes PDF, 77 Kb, File published: Oct 2, 2000
    Single-Supply Operation of Operational Amplifiers
    Operation of op amps from single supply voltages is useful when negative supply voltages are not available. Furthermore, certain applications using high voltage and high current op amps can derive important benefits from single supply operation.
  • Download » Application Notes PDF, 76 Kb, File published: Oct 2, 2000
    Op Amp Performance Analysis
    This bulletin reflects the analysis power gained through knowledge of an op amp circuit's feedback factor. Feedback dictates the performance of an op amp both in function and in quality. The major specifications of the amplifier descibe an open-loop device awaiting feedback direction of the end circuit's function. Just how well the amplifier performs the function reflects through the feedback inte

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Series: OPA2140 (4)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Semiconductors> Amplifiers> Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)> Precision Op Amps

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