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Datasheet Linear Technology LT1006S8#PBF

ManufacturerLinear Technology
Part NumberLT1006S8#PBF

Precision, Single Supply Op Amp


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    LT1006 - Precision, Single Supply Op Amp
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    Precision, Single Supply
    Op Amp
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    ■ DESCRIPTIO The LT ®1006 is the first precision single supply operational
    amplifier. Its design has been optimized for single supply
    operation with a full set of specifications at 5V.
    Specifications at ±15V are also provided. Single Supply Operation
    Input Voltage Range Extends to Ground
    Output Swings to Ground while Sinking Current
    Guaranteed Offset Voltage: 50µV Max
    Guaranteed Low Drift: 1.3µV/°C Max
    Guaranteed Offset Current: 0.5nA Max
    Guaranteed High Gain
    5mA Load Current: 1.5 Million Min
    17mA Load Current: 0.8 Million Min
    Guaranteed Low Supply Current: 520µA Max ...


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Package CodeS8


Number of Channels1
Unity Gain BW0.6 MHz
Av Min Stable1 V/V
Avol2500 V/mV
Avol dB68 dB
Common Mode Rejection Ratio114 dB
Cload10 pF
Demo BoardsDC417B
Design ToolsLTspice Model
Enoise 1/f Corner2 Hz
Enoise Density22 nV/rtHz
Export Controlno yes/no
Ibias9 nA
Inoise0.07 pA/rtHz
Inoise 1/f Corner140 Hz
Ios0.00012 µA
Iout25 mA
Isupply0.34 mA
LF Enoise0.55 µVPP
Operating Temperature Range0 to 70 °C
Over-the-Topno yes/no
PSRR126 dB
Rail-to-RailIn to V-
Rail-to-Rail Inno yes/no
Rail-to-Rail Outno yes/no
SR0.4 V/µs
Shutdownno yes/no
Single Supplyyes yes/no
VinCM High (from V+)1.2 V
Voh (from V+).015 V
Vol (from V-).015 V
Vos0.02 mV
Vos TC0.2 µV/C
Vs Max44 V
Vs Min4 V

Eco Plan


Moldel Line

Series: LT1006 (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Signal Conditioning > Amplifiers > Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) > High Voltage Amplifiers (>12V) | Precision Amplifiers (Vos | Low Power Amplifiers (Is < 1mA/amp)

Other Names:

LT1006S8PBF, LT1006S8 PBF

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