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Datasheet Linear Technology LT3083MPDF#TR

ManufacturerLinear Technology
Part NumberLT3083MPDF#TR

Adjustable 3A Single Resistor Low Dropout Regulator


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    LT3083 - Adjustable 3A Single Resistor Low Dropout Regulator
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    Adjustable 3A
    Single Resistor Low
    Dropout Regulator
    DESCRIPTION FEATURES Outputs May be Paralleled for Higher Current and
    Heat Spreading
    n Output Current: 3A
    n Single Resistor Programs Output Voltage
    n 50µA Set Pin Current: 1% Initial Accuracy
    n Output Adjustable to 0V
    n Low Output Noise: 40µV
    RMS (10Hz to 100kHz)
    n Wide Input Voltage Range: 1.2V to 23V
    (DD-Pak and TO-220 Packages)
    n Low Dropout Voltage: 310mV
    n <1mV Load Regulatio <0.001%/V Line Regulatio Minimum Load Current: 1mA
    n Stable with Minimum 10µF Ceramic Capacitor
    n Current Limit with Foldback and Overtemperature
    Protectio Available in 16-Lead TSSOP, 12-Lead 4mm × 4mm
    DFN, 5-Lead TO-220 and 5-Lead Surface Mount
    DD-PAK Packages
    n APPLICATIONS n n n High Current All Surface Mount Supply
    High Efficiency Linear Regulator ...



Package4x4 DFN-12
Package CodeDF


Demo BoardsDC1585A
Design ToolsLTspice File
Discrete Pass Elementno yes/no
Dropout Voltage0.31 V
Export Controlno yes/no
FeaturesCurrent Source Reference
Isupply0.35 mA
Max Junction Temp125 Deg
Number of Outputs1
Operating Temperature Range-55 to 125 °C
Output Current3 A
Output VoltageAdj
RMS Noise40 µV
Theta JA37°C/W (DF), 25°C/W (FE), 15°C/W (Q), 40°C/W (T)
Vin Max23 V
Vin Min1.2 V
Vout Max23 V

Eco Plan

RoHSNot Compliant

Moldel Line

Series: LT3083 (29)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > LDO Linear Regulators > Positive Linear Regulators (LDO) | Extended Temperature (H & MP) Linear Regulators
  • Power Management > Current Sources

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