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Datasheet Linear Technology LT1533

ManufacturerLinear Technology

Ultralow Noise 1A Switching Regulator


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    LT1533 - Ultralow Noise1A Switching Regulator
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    Ultralow Noise
    1A Switching Regulator U DESCRIPTION FEATURES
    ■ ■
    ■ ■

    ■ The LT ®1533 is a new class of switching regulator designed
    to reduce conducted and radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI). Ultralow noise and EMI are achieved by providing
    user control of the output switch slew rates. Voltage and
    current slew rates can be independently programmed to
    optimize switcher harmonic content versus efficiency. The
    LT1533 can reduce high frequency harmonic power by as
    much as 40dB with only minor losses in efficiency. Greatly Reduced Conducted and Radiated EMI
    ( ...



Package CodeSSSS


Demo BoardsDC173B,DC230A-A,DC230A-B,DC230A-C,DC230A-DDC173B,DC230A-A,DC230A-B,DC230A-C,DC230A-DDC173B,DC230A-A,DC230A-B,DC230A-C,DC230A-DDC173B,DC230A-A,DC230A-B,DC230A-C,DC230A-D
Design ToolsLTspice ModelLTspice ModelLTspice ModelLTspice Model
Export Control, yes/nonononono
FeaturesLow EMI, Adjustable Slew Rate, External SynchronizationLow EMI, Adjustable Slew Rate, External SynchronizationLow EMI, Adjustable Slew Rate, External SynchronizationLow EMI, Adjustable Slew Rate, External Synchronization
Frequency, kHz250250250250
Frequency Adjust Range25kHz - 250kHz25kHz - 250kHz25kHz - 250kHz25kHz - 250kHz
Frequency Sync Range25kHz - 375kHz25kHz - 375kHz25kHz - 375kHz25kHz - 375kHz
Integrated Inductor, yes/nonononono
Ishutdown, A1111
Isupply, mA0.0120.0120.0120.012
Monolithic, yes/noyesyesyesyes
Number of Outputs1111
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 700 to 70-40 to 85-40 to 85
Polyphase, yes/nonononono
Switch Current, A1.
Synchronous, yes/nonononono
Vin Max, V23232323
Vin Min, V2.552.552.552.55
Vout Max, V30303030
Vout Min, V1.

Eco Plan


Moldel Line

Series: LT1533 (4)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Switching Regulator > Ultralow Noise Regulators

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