Datasheets - DC/DC Switching Controllers & Regulators Linear Technology

Subsection: "DC/DC Switching Controllers & Regulators"
Manufacturer: "Linear Technology"
LT1026 LT1054 LT1054L LT1070 LT1070HV LT1071 LT1071HV LT1072 LT1074 LT1074HV LT1076 LT1076-5 LT1076HV LT1170 LT1170HV LT1171 LT1171HV LT1172 LT1172HV LT1300 LT1307 LT1307B LT1308A LT1310 LT1316 LT1317 LT1317B LT1370 LT1370HV LT1371 LT1371HV LT1372 LT1372HV LT1373 LT1373HV LT1374 LT1374HV LT1375 LT1375HV LT1376 LT1376HV LT1377 LT1425 LT1533 LT1534 LT1534-1 LT1610 LT1611 LT1613 LT1614 LT1615 LT1615-1 LT1616 LT1617 LT1617-1 LT1618 LT1619 LT1676 LT1680 LT1681 LT1683 LT1725 LT1737 LT1738 LT1765 LT1766 LT1767 LT1768 LT1776 LT1777 LT1912 LT1913 LT1930 LT1930A LT1931 LT1931A LT1933 LT1934 LT1934-1 LT1935 LT1936 LT1938 LT1939 LT1940 LT1940L LT1941 LT1942 LT1943 LT1944 LT1944-1 LT1945 LT1946 LT1946A LT1947 LT1949 LT1950 LT1952 LT1952-1 LT1956 LT1959 LT1961 LT1976 LT1977 LT3048-15 LT3095 LT3420 LT3420-1 LT3430 LT3430-1 LT3431 LT3433 LT3434 LT3435 LT3436 LT3437 LT3439 LT3460 LT3461 LT3461A LT3462 LT3462A LT3463 LT3463A LT3464 LT3466-1 LT3467 LT3467A LT3468 LT3468-1 LT3468-2 LT3469 LT3470 LT3470A LT3471 LT3472 LT3473 LT3473A LT3477 LT3479 LT3480 LT3481 LT3482 LT3483 LT3483A LT3484-0 LT3484-1 LT3484-2 LT3485-0 LT3485-1 LT3485-2 LT3485-3 LT3487 LT3489 LT3493 LT3493-3 LT3494 LT3494A LT3495 LT3495-1 LT3498 LT3500 LT3501 LT3502 LT3503 LT3504 LT3505 LT3506 LT3506A LT3507 LT3507A LT3508 LT3509 LT3510 LT3511 LT3512 LT3513 LT3514 LT3559-1 LT3570 LT3571 LT3572 LT3573 LT3574 LT3575 LT3579 LT3579-1 LT3580 LT3581 LT3582 LT3585-0 LT3585-1 LT3585-2 LT3585-3 LT3587 LT3640 LT3641 LT3645 LT3653 LT3663 LT3667 LT3668 LT3680 LT3681 LT3682 LT3684 LT3685 LT3686 LT3686A LT3688 LT3689 LT3689-5 LT3690 LT3692A LT3693 LT3694 LT3695 LT3697 LT3724 LT3740 LT3741 LT3741-1 LT3742 LT3748 LT3750 LT3751 LT3752 LT3752-1 LT3753 LT3757A LT3758A LT3759 LT3763 LT3781 LT3782A LT3790 LT3791 LT3791-1 LT3796 LT3796-1 LT3798 LT3800 LT3825 LT3837 LT3840 LT3844 LT3845 LT3845A LT3905 LT3957A LT3958 LT3959 LT3970 LT3971 LT3971-3.3 LT3971-5 LT3971A LT3971A-5 LT3972 LT3973 LT3975 LT3976 LT3980 LT3988 LT3990 LT3991 LT3992 LT3995 LT3999 LT4430 LT8300 LT8301 LT8302 LT8303 LT8304 LT8304-1 LT8309 LT8310 LT8312 LT8315 LT8330 LT8331 LT8335 LT8362 LT8364 LT8390 LT8390A LT8410 LT8410-1 LT8415 LT8471 LT8490 LT8494 LT8495 LT8570 LT8570-1 LT8580 LT8582 LT8601 LT8602 LT8603 LT8606 LT8607 LT8608 LT8609 LT8609S LT8610 LT8610A LT8610AB LT8610AC LT8610AC-1 LT8610AX LT8611 LT8612 LT8613 LT8614 LT8616 LT8619 LT8620 LT8630 LT8631 LT8640 LT8640-1 LT8640S LT8641 LT8643S LT8645S LT8646S LT8650S LT8697 LT8705 LT8705A LT8709 LT8710 LT8711 LT8714 LTC1044 LTC1044A LTC1044S8 LTC1046 LTC1144 LTC1174 LTC1174HV LTC1261 LTC1261L LTC1262 LTC1263 LTC1265 LTC1502-3.3 LTC1503-1.8 LTC1503-2 LTC1514 LTC1515 LTC1516 LTC1517-3.3 LTC1517-5 LTC1522 LTC1550 LTC1550L LTC1551 LTC1551L LTC1555 LTC1555L LTC1555L-1.8 LTC1556 LTC1622 LTC1624 LTC1625 LTC1627 LTC1682 LTC1697 LTC1700 LTC1701 LTC1701B LTC1702A LTC1703 LTC1704 LTC1705 LTC1707 LTC1708-PG LTC1709 LTC1709-7 LTC1709-8 LTC1709-85 LTC1709-9 LTC1735 LTC1735-1 LTC1736 LTC1751 LTC1751-3.3 LTC1751-5 LTC1753 LTC1754-3.3 LTC1754-5 LTC1755 LTC1756 LTC1771 LTC1772 LTC1772B LTC1773 LTC1775 LTC1778 LTC1779 LTC1871 LTC1871-1 LTC1871-7 LTC1871X LTC1872 LTC1872B LTC1873 LTC1874 LTC1875 LTC1876 LTC1877 LTC1878 LTC1879 LTC1909-8 LTC1911 LTC1922-1 LTC1928-5 LTC1983 LTC1986 LTC3100 LTC3101 LTC3103 LTC3104 LTC3106 LTC3108 LTC3108-1 LTC3111 LTC3112 LTC3113 LTC3114-1 LTC3115-1 LTC3115-2 LTC3118 LTC3119 LTC3121 LTC3122 LTC3124 LTC3125 LTC3126 LTC3127 LTC3129 LTC3129-1 LTC3130 LTC3200 LTC3201 LTC3202 LTC3203 LTC3203B-1 LTC3204-3.3 LTC3204-5 LTC3204B-3.3 LTC3204B-5 LTC3205 LTC3206 LTC3207 LTC3208 LTC3209 LTC3210 LTC3210-1 LTC3210-2 LTC3210-3 LTC3212 LTC3214 LTC3215 LTC3216 LTC3217 LTC3218 LTC3219 LTC3220 LTC3220-1 LTC3221 LTC3230 LTC3240 LTC3245 LTC3246 LTC3250 LTC3251 LTC3252 LTC3255 LTC3256 LTC3260 LTC3261 LTC3265 LTC3335 LTC3355 LTC3370 LTC3371 LTC3374 LTC3374A LTC3375 LTC3388 LTC3400 LTC3400-1 LTC3400B LTC3401 LTC3402 LTC3403 LTC3404 LTC3405A LTC3405A-1.375 LTC3405A-1.5 LTC3405A-1.8 LTC3406-1.2 LTC3406-1.5 LTC3406-1.8 LTC3406A LTC3406AB LTC3406AB-2 LTC3406B-1.2 LTC3407-3 LTC3407-4 LTC3407A LTC3407A-2 LTC3408 LTC3409 LTC3409A LTC3410 LTC3410-1.875 LTC3410B LTC3411A LTC3412A LTC3413 LTC3414 LTC3415 LTC3416 LTC3417A LTC3417A-1 LTC3417A-2 LTC3418 LTC3419 LTC3421 LTC3422 LTC3423 LTC3424 LTC3425 LTC3426 LTC3427 LTC3428 LTC3429 LTC3440 LTC3441 LTC3442 LTC3443 LTC3444 LTC3445 LTC3446 LTC3447 LTC3448 LTC3450 LTC3455 LTC3455-1 LTC3456 LTC3458 LTC3458L LTC3459 LTC3499 LTC3520 LTC3521 LTC3522 LTC3523 LTC3524 LTC3525 LTC3525D-3.3 LTC3525L-3 LTC3526L LTC3526L-2 LTC3526LB-2 LTC3527 LTC3528 LTC3528-2 LTC3528B-2 LTC3529 LTC3530 LTC3531 LTC3531-3 LTC3531-3.3 LTC3532 LTC3533 LTC3534 LTC3535 LTC3536 LTC3537 LTC3538 LTC3539 LTC3539-2 LTC3541 LTC3541-1 LTC3541-2 LTC3541-3 LTC3542 LTC3543 LTC3544 LTC3544B LTC3545 LTC3545-1 LTC3546 LTC3547 LTC3547B LTC3548-1 LTC3548-2 LTC3548A LTC3549 LTC3550 LTC3550-1 LTC3552 LTC3552-1 LTC3553 LTC3553-2 LTC3554 LTC3554-1 LTC3554-2 LTC3554-3 LTC3555 LTC3556 LTC3557 LTC3557-1 LTC3558 LTC3559 LTC3560 LTC3561A LTC3562 LTC3563 LTC3564 LTC3565 LTC3566 LTC3567 LTC3568 LTC3569 LTC3576 LTC3576-1 LTC3577 LTC3577-1 LTC3577-3 LTC3586 LTC3586-1 LTC3586-2 LTC3586-3 LTC3589 LTC3589-1 LTC3589-2 LTC3600 LTC3601 LTC3602 LTC3603 LTC3604 LTC3605 LTC3605A LTC3606B LTC3607 LTC3608 LTC3609 LTC3610 LTC3611 LTC3612 LTC3613 LTC3614 LTC3615 LTC3616 LTC3617 LTC3618 LTC3619 LTC3619B LTC3620 LTC3621 LTC3622 LTC3623 LTC3624 LTC3624-2 LTC3626 LTC3630 LTC3630A LTC3631 LTC3632 LTC3633 LTC3633A LTC3633A-1 LTC3633A-2 LTC3633A-3 LTC3634 LTC3636 LTC3636-1 LTC3637 LTC3638 LTC3639 LTC3642 LTC3646 LTC3646-1 LTC3649 LTC3670 LTC3672B-1 LTC3672B-2 LTC3675 LTC3675-1 LTC3676 LTC3676-1 LTC3677-3 LTC3700 LTC3701 LTC3703 LTC3703-5 LTC3704 LTC3705 LTC3706 LTC3707 LTC3707-SYNC LTC3708 LTC3709 LTC3711 LTC3713 LTC3714 LTC3716 LTC3717 LTC3717-1 LTC3718 LTC3719 LTC3720 LTC3721-1 LTC3722-1 LTC3722-2 LTC3723-1 LTC3723-2 LTC3725 LTC3726 LTC3727 LTC3727-1 LTC3727A-1 LTC3727LX-1 LTC3728 LTC3728L LTC3728L-1 LTC3729 LTC3729L-6 LTC3730 LTC3731 LTC3731H LTC3732 LTC3733 LTC3733-1 LTC3734 LTC3735 LTC3736 LTC3736-1 LTC3736-2 LTC3737 LTC3738 LTC3765 LTC3766 LTC3769 LTC3770 LTC3772 LTC3772B LTC3773 LTC3774 LTC3775 LTC3776 LTC3777 LTC3778 LTC3779 LTC3780 LTC3783 LTC3784 LTC3785 LTC3785-1 LTC3786 LTC3787 LTC3788 LTC3788-1 LTC3789 LTC3801 LTC3801B LTC3802 LTC3803 LTC3803-3 LTC3803-5 LTC3805 LTC3805-5 LTC3806 LTC3807 LTC3808 LTC3809 LTC3809-1 LTC3810 LTC3810-5 LTC3811 LTC3812-5 LTC3814-5 LTC3815 LTC3816 LTC3819 LTC3822 LTC3822-1 LTC3823 LTC3824 LTC3826 LTC3826-1 LTC3827 LTC3827-1 LTC3828 LTC3829 LTC3830 LTC3830-1 LTC3831 LTC3831-1 LTC3832 LTC3832-1 LTC3833 LTC3834 LTC3834-1 LTC3835 LTC3835-1 LTC3836 LTC3838 LTC3838-1 LTC3838-2 LTC3839 LTC3850 LTC3850, LTC3850-1 LTC3850-2 LTC3851A LTC3851A-1 LTC3852 LTC3853 LTC3854 LTC3855 LTC3856 LTC3857 LTC3857-1 LTC3858 LTC3858-1 LTC3858-2 LTC3859AL LTC3860 LTC3861 LTC3861-1 LTC3862 LTC3862-1 LTC3862-2 LTC3863 LTC3864 LTC3865 LTC3865-1 LTC3866 LTC3867 LTC3868 LTC3868-1 LTC3869 LTC3870 LTC3870-1 LTC3871 LTC3872 LTC3872-1 LTC3873 LTC3873-5 LTC3874 LTC3874-1 LTC3875 LTC3876 LTC3877 LTC3878 LTC3879 LTC3880 LTC3882 LTC3882-1 LTC3883 LTC3884 LTC3886 LTC3887 LTC3887-1 LTC3890 LTC3890-1 LTC3890-2 LTC3890-3 LTC3891 LTC3892 LTC3892-1 LTC3892-2 LTC3895 LTC3896 LTC3897 LTC3899 LTC4000 LTC4000-1 LTC4055 LTC4055-1 LTC4066 LTC4067 LTC4080 LTC4080X LTC4081 LTC4085 LTC4085-1 LTC4085-3 LTC4088 LTC4088-1 LTC4089 LTC4089-1 LTC4089-3 LTC4089-5 LTC4090 LTC4090-3 LTC4090-5 LTC4091 LTC4098 LTC4098-1 LTC4098-3.6 LTC4099 LTC4155 LTC4156 LTC4160 LTC4160-1 LTC660 LTC7103 LTC7124 LTC7130 LTC7138 LTC7149 LTC7150S LTC7800 LTC7801 LTC7812 LTC7813 LTC7815 LTC7820 LTC7821 LTC7851 LTM4600 LTM4600HV LTM4601 LTM4601-1 LTM4601A LTM4601A-1 LTM4601AHV LTM4601HV LTM4602 LTM4602HV LTM4603 LTM4603HV LTM4604A LTM4605 LTM4606 LTM4607 LTM4608A LTM4609 LTM4611 LTM4612 LTM4613 LTM4614 LTM4615 LTM4616 LTM4618 LTM4619 LTM4620 LTM4620A LTM4622 LTM4622A LTM4623 LTM4624 LTM4625 LTM4627 LTM4628 LTM4630 LTM4630-1 LTM4630A LTM4631 LTM4632 LTM4633 LTM4634 LTM4636 LTM4636-1 LTM4637 LTM4639 LTM4641 LTM4642 LTM4643 LTM4644 LTM4644-1 LTM4645 LTM4646 LTM4647 LTM4648 LTM4649 LTM4650 LTM4650-1 LTM4650A LTM4650A-1 LTM4651 LTM4661 LTM4675 LTM4676 LTM4676A LTM4677 LTM8001 LTM8003 LTM8020 LTM8021 LTM8022 LTM8023 LTM8025 LTM8026 LTM8027 LTM8028 LTM8029 LTM8031 LTM8032 LTM8033 LTM8045 LTM8046 LTM8047 LTM8048 LTM8049 LTM8050 LTM8052 LTM8052A LTM8053 LTM8054 LTM8055 LTM8056 LTM8057 LTM8058 LTM8063 LTM8064 LTM8065 LTM8067 LTM8068 LTM8073 RH1959 RH3845
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  1. 1.25 A High Efficiency Switching Regulator
  2. Micropower High Efficiency 3.3/5 V Step-Up DC/DC Converter
  1. 3V/5V SIM Power Supply in ThinSOT
  2. Smart Card Interface
  3. Smart Card Interface
  4. SIM Power Supplyand Level Translator
  5. SIM Power Supply and Level Translator
  6. SIM Power Supplyand Level Translator
  7. SIM Power Supply and Level Translator
  8. USB 5V 2.5A Output, 42V Input Synchronous Buck with Cable Drop Compensation
  9. USB 5V, 2.5A Output, 35V Input Buck with Cable Drop Compensation
  10. 42V, 2.5A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator with No-Loss Input PowerPath
  11. 18V, 2A Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter with Low-Loss Dual Input PowerPath
  12. 38V, 10A DC/DC µModule (Power Module) Regulator with Advanced Input and Load Protection
  13. Dual 18A or Single 36A µModule (Power Module) Regulator with Digital Power System Management
  14. Dual 13A or Single 26A µModule (Power Module) Regulator with Digital Power System Management
  15. Dual 9A or Single 18A µModule (Power Module) Regulator with Digital Power System Management
  16. Dual Output PolyPhase Step-Down DC/DC Controller with Digital Power System Management
  17. Dual Output PolyPhase Step-Down DC/DC Controller with Digital Power System Management
  18. 60V Dual Output Step-Down Controller with Digital Power System Management

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