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Datasheet Linear Technology LT1680

ManufacturerLinear Technology

High Power DC/DC Step-Up Controller


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    LT1680 - High Power DC/DC Step-Up Controller
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    High Power DC/DC
    Step-Up Controller U FEATURES

    ■ ■
    ■ ■

    ■ ■ DESCRIPTIO The LT ®1680 is a high power, current mode switching
    power supply controller optimized for boost topologies.
    The IC drives an N-channel MOSFET switch for DC/DC
    converter applications up to 60V input. A high current gate
    drive output handles up to 10,000pF gate capacitance,
    enabling the construction of high power DC/DC converters. Current sense common mode range up to 60V allows
    current sensing to be referenced to the input supply,
    eliminating the need for sense blanking circuits. High Voltage: Operation Up to 60V
    High Current: N-Channel Drive Handles Up to
    10,000pF Gate Capacitance
    Programmable Average Current Limiting
    5V Reference Output with 10mA External
    Loading Capability
    Fixed Frequency Current Mode Operation
    Oscillator Synchronizable Up to 200kHz ...





Design ToolsLTspice ModelLTspice ModelLTspice ModelLTspice ModelLTspice ModelLTspice Model
Export Control, yes/nonononononono
FeaturesExternal SynchronizationExternal SynchronizationExternal SynchronizationExternal SynchronizationExternal SynchronizationExternal Synchronization
Frequency, kHz200200200200200200
Frequency Sync RangeUp to 200kHzUp to 200kHzUp to 200kHzUp to 200kHzUp to 200kHzUp to 200kHz
Integrated Inductor, yes/nonononononono
Isupply, mA151515151515
Monolithic, yes/nonononononono
Number of Outputs111111
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 700 to 700 to 70-40 to 85-40 to 85-40 to 85
Polyphase, yes/nonononononono
Sense ResistorRsenseRsenseRsenseRsenseRsenseRsense
Switch Current, A202020202020
Synchronous, yes/nonononononono
Vin Max, V606060606060
Vin Min, V444444
Vin Min Startup, V444444
Vout Max, V606060606060
Vout Maximum12 and higher12 and higher12 and higher12 and higher12 and higher12 and higher
Vswitch Max, V100100100100100100

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Moldel Line

Series: LT1680 (6)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Switching Regulator > Flyback, Forward and Isolated Controllers

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