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Datasheet Linear Technology LT1976BIFE#TRPBF

ManufacturerLinear Technology
Part NumberLT1976BIFE#TRPBF

High Voltage 1.5A, 200kHz Step-Down Switching Regulator with 100µA Quiescent Current


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    LT1976/LT1976B - High Voltage 1.5A, 200kHz Step-Down Switching Regulator with 100uA Quiescent Current
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    High Voltage 1.5A, 200kHz
    Step-Down Switching Regulator
    with 100μA Quiescent Current
    U FEATURES DESCRIPTIO ■ The LT®1976/LT1976B are 200kHz monolithic step-down
    switching regulators that accept input voltages up to 60V.
    A high efficiency 1.5A, 0.2Ω switch is included on the die
    along with all the necessary oscillator, control and logic
    circuitry. Current mode topology is used for fast transient
    response and good loop stability. ■

    ■ Wide Input Range: 3.3V to 60V
    1.5A Peak Switch Current (LT1976) ...



Package CodeFE


ArchitectureConstant Frequency Current Mode
Demo BoardsDC481A,DC977A
Design ToolsLTspice File
Export Controlno yes/no
FeaturesBurst Mode, External Synchronization
Frequency200 kHz
Frequency Sync Range230kHz - 600kHz
Integrated Inductorno yes/no
Ishutdown1 A
Isupply0.1 mA
Max Phases1
Monolithicyes yes/no
Number of Outputs1
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85 °C
Output Current1.24 A
Polyphaseno yes/no
Switch Current2.4 A
Synchronousno yes/no
Vin Max60 V
Vin Min3.3 V
Vout Max54 V
Vout Maximum.90VIN
Vout Min1.2 V
Vref Accuracy Over Temp2 %

Eco Plan


Moldel Line

Series: LT1976 (10)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Switching Regulator > Step-Down (Buck) Regulators > Micropower Buck Regulators | Internal Power Switch Buck | High Input Voltage Buck
  • Space & Harsh Environment > Extended Temperature Plastic (H & MP) > Extended Temperature (H & MP) Switching Regulators

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