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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC3577-1

ManufacturerLinear Technology

1 - Highly Integrated 6-Channel Portable PMIC


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    LTC3577/LTC3577-1 - Highly Integrated 6-Channel Portable PMIC
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    Highly Integrated
    6-Channel Portable PMIC
    DESCRIPTION FEATURES n Full Featured Li-Ion/Polymer Charger/PowerPath™
    Controller with Instant-On Operation
    Triple Adjustable High Efficiency Step-Down
    Switching Regulators (800mA, 500mA, 500mA IOUT)
    6μA Battery Drain Current in Hard Reset
    Bat-Track™ Control for External HV Buck DC/DCs
    I2C Adjustable SW Slew Rates for EMI Reduction
    High Temperature Battery Voltage Reduction
    Improves Safety and Reliability
    Overvoltage Protection for USB (VBUS)/Wall Inputs
    Provides Protection to 30V
    Integrated 40V Series LED Backlight Driver with 60dB
    Brightness Control and Gradation via I2C
    1.5A Maximum Charge Current with Thermal Limiting
    Battery Float Voltage: 4.2V (LTC3577)
    4.1V (LTC3577-1)
    Pushbutton On/Off Control with System Reset
    Dual 150mA Current Limited LDOs
    Small 4mm × 7mm 44-Pin QFN Package APPLICATIONS PNDs, DMB/DVB-H; Digital/Satellite Radio;
    Media Players ...



Package4x7 QFN-444x7 QFN-44
Package CodeUFFUFF


Battery ChemistryLi-Ion, Li-PolymerLi-Ion, Li-Polymer
Buck Output Current, A0.5, 0.5, 0.80.5, 0.5, 0.8
Demo BoardsDC1402A-A,DC1402A-BDC1402A-A,DC1402A-B
Export Control, yes/nonono
FeaturesPowerPath, Overvoltage Protection, Triple Buck, Dual LDO, I2C, Push Button Reset, LED DriverPowerPath, Overvoltage Protection, Triple Buck, Dual LDO, I2C, Push Button Reset, LED Driver
Float Voltage, V4.1V4.1V
LDO Output Current, A0.15, 0.150.15, 0.15
Max Charge Current, A1.51.5
Number of Cells11
Number of Outputs66
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 850 to 85
PowerPathLinear PowerPath, 200mΩ Internal Ideal DiodeLinear PowerPath, 200mΩ Internal Ideal Diode
Type of ChargerLinearLinear
Vin Max, V5.55.5
Vin Min, V4.354.35

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Series: LTC3577-1 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > PMIC & Multifunction > PMIC (DC/DC, PowerPath and Battery Charger)

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