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Datasheet Intersil X60003CIG3Z-50T1

Part NumberX60003CIG3Z-50T1

Precision 5.0V SOT-23 FGA Voltage Reference


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    X60003 Datasheet
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    X60003 FN8137
    Rev 5.00
    September 1, 2015 Precision SOT-23 FGA™ Voltage References
    The X60003 FGA™ voltage references is a very high precision
    analog voltage reference fabricated in Intersil’s proprietary
    Floating Gate Analog technology, which achieves superior
    levels of performance when compared to conventional band
    gap, buried zener, or XFET™ technologies. Features FGA™ voltage references feature very high initial accuracy,
    very low temperature coefficient, excellent long term stability,
    low noise and excellent line and load regulation, at the lowest
    power consumption currently available. These voltage
    references enable advanced applications for precision
    industrial and portable systems operating at significantly
    higher accuracy and lower power levels than can be achieved
    with conventional technologies. Low temperature coefficient (B grade) . 10ppm/°C Applications 5kV ESD (human body model) Reference output voltage 4.096V, 5.000V Initial accuracy . ±1.0mV (B grade) Ultra low power supply current 500nA 10mA source and sink current capability Very low dropout voltage 100mV at No Load Input voltage range
    -X60003-41 . 4.5V to 9.0V
    -X60003-50 . 5.1V to 9.0V Standard package . 3 Ld SOT-23 High resolution A/Ds and D/As Temp range -40°C to +85°C Digital meters Related Literature Calibration systems V-F converters Precision current sources See AN1494, “Reflow and PC Board Assembly Effects on
    Intersil FGA References” Precision regulators See AN1533, “X-Ray Effects on Intersil FGA References” Precision oscillators Smart sensors Strain gage bridges Threshold detectors Battery management systems Servo systems 800
    700 IN (nA) 600 TYP 500
    LOW 300 ...



Package3 Ld SOT T+R


DescriptionPrecision 5.0V SOT-23 FGA? Voltage Reference
Hysteresis (ppm)100
IS (max)0.9 μA
ISINK (max)10 mA
ISOURCE (max)10 mA
Initial Accuracy (% Vout)0.05
LTD Stability45 ppm
Low Freq Noise30 μVPP
Max Operating Temp85 C
Min Operating Temp-40 C
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 85
Output Noise (typ)30 μVPP
Peak Temp260C
Qualification LevelStandard
TechnologyFloating Gate Array
Temp Coefficient20 ppm/C
VS (max)9 V
VS (min)5.1 V

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X60003B-41 X60003C-41 X60003D-50

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Series: X60003C-50 (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Data Converters > Voltage References > Voltage References

Other Names:

X60003CIG3Z50T1, X60003CIG3Z 50T1

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