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Datasheet Intersil ISL60002DAH333Z-TK

Part NumberISL60002DAH333Z-TK

Precision Low Power FGA Voltage References


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    ISL60002 Datasheet
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    ISL60002 FN8082
    Rev 2.00
    November 17, 2016 Precision Low Power FGA Voltage References
    The ISL60002 FGA voltage references are very high precision
    analog voltage references fabricated in Intersil's proprietary
    Floating Gate Analog (FGA) technology and feature low supply
    voltage operation at ultra-low 350nA operating current. Features Additionally, the ISL60002 family features guaranteed initial
    accuracy as low as ±1.0mV and 20ppm/°C temperature
    coefficient. The initial accuracy and temperature stability
    performance of the ISL60002 family, plus the low supply
    voltage and 350nA power consumption, eliminates the need
    to compromise thermal stability for reduced power
    consumption, making it an ideal companion to high resolution,
    low power data conversion systems. Absolute initial accuracy options . ±1.0mV, ±2.5mV
    and ±5.0mV Special Note: Post-assembly x-ray inspection may lead to
    permanent changes in device output voltage and should be
    minimized or avoided. For further information, please see
    “Applications Information” on page 34 and AN1533, “X-Ray
    Effects on Intersil FGA References”. Ultra-low supply current . 350nA typ Applications ESD protection 5.5V (Human Body Model) Reference voltages . 1.024V, 1.2V, 1.25V, 1.8V, 2.048V,
    2.5V, 2.6V, 3.0V, and 3.3V Supply voltage range
    -ISL60002-10, -11, -12, -18, -20, -25 -ISL60002-26 .
    -ISL60002-30 . ...



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DescriptionPrecision Low Power FGA Voltage References
Hysteresis (ppm)100
IS (max)0.7 μA
ISINK (max)20 mA
ISOURCE (max)20 mA
Initial Accuracy (% Vout)0.15
LTD Stability50 ppm
Low Freq Noise30 μVPP
Max Operating Temp105 C
Min Operating Temp-40 C
Operating Temperature Range-40 to 105
Output Noise (typ)30 μVPP
Peak Temp260C
Qualification LevelStandard
TechnologyFloating Gate Array
Temp Coefficient20 ppm/C
VS (max)5.5 V
VS (min)3.5 V

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Series: ISL60002DAH333 (2)

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  • Data Converters > Voltage References > Voltage References

Other Names:

ISL60002DAH333ZTK, ISL60002DAH333Z TK

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