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Datasheet Microchip MIC3172YN

Part NumberMIC3172YN

The MIC2172 and MIC3172 are complete 100kHz SMPS current-mode controllers with internal 65V 1


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    MIC2172/3172 - 100kHz 1.25A Switching Regulators
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    100kHz 1.25A Switching Regulators General Description Features The MIC2172 and MIC3172 are complete 100kHz SMPS
    current-mode controllers with internal 65V 1.25A power
    switches. The MIC2172 features external frequency
    synchronization or frequency adjustment, while the
    MIC3172 features an enable/shutdown control input.
    Although primarily intended for voltage step-up
    applications, the floating switch architecture of the
    MIC2172/3172 makes it practical for step-down, inverting,
    and Cuk configurations as well as isolated topologies.
    Operating from 3V to 40V, the MIC2172/3172 draws only
    7mA of quiescent current making it attractive for battery
    operated supplies.
    The MIC3172 is for applications that require on/off control
    of the regulator. The MIC3172 is externally shutdown by
    applying a TTL low signal to EN (enable). When disabled,
    the MIC3172 draws only leakage current (typically less
    than 1ВµA). EN must be high for normal operation. For
    applications not requiring control, EN must be tied to VIN or
    TTL high.
    The MIC2172 is for applications requiring two or more
    SMPS regulators that operate from the same input supply.
    The MIC2172 features a SYNC input which allows locking ...



Lifecycle StatusProduction (Appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist)




Alternative TopologySEPIC, CUK, Flyback
Automotive QualNo
Duty Cycle Max95 %
Input Voltage Range Max40 V
Input Voltage Range Min(V)3
Light Load Efficiency ModeNo
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +85 °C
Output Voltage Range Max65 V
Output Voltage Range Min3.6 V
Quiescent Current7 mA) typ
SHUTDOWN Current0.1 µA
Switch current1.25 A) typ
Switching Frequency100 kHz
Synchronous RectifierNo
Vfb1.24 V

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Series: MIC3172 (3)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Switching Regulators > Step Up (Boost) - Non-Synchronous Products
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