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Datasheet Intersil ISL71001MNZ

Part NumberISL71001MNZ

6A Synchronous Buck Regulator with Integrated MOSFETs


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    ISL71001M Datasheet
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    6A Synchronous Buck Regulator with Integrated MOSFETs 1. FN8926
    Mar 24, 2017 Overview The ISL71001M is a radiation tolerant and high efficiency monolithic synchronous buck regulator with integrated
    MOSFETs. This single chip power solution operates over an input voltage range of 3V to 5.5V and provides a tightly
    regulated output voltage that is externally adjustable from 0.8V to ~85% of the input voltage with an output load
    current capacity of 6A. The ISL71001M is available in a plastic 64 Ld Thin Quad Flatpack (EP-TQFP) package.
    The ISL71001M uses peak current-mode control for excellent output load transient response and features integrated
    compensation and switches at a fixed frequency of 1MHz to reduce component size and count. In applications where
    two regulators are needed, two ISL71001M devices can be synchronized 180В° out-of-phase to reduce the overall input
    RMS ripple current. The internal synchronous power switches are optimized for high efficiency and good thermal
    The ISL71001M incorporates fault protection for the regulator. The protection circuits include input undervoltage,
    output undervoltage, and output overcurrent.
    High integration makes the ISL71001M an ideal choice to power many of today’s small form factor applications. Two
    devices can be synchronized to provide a complete power solution for large scale digital ICs, like Field Programmable
    Gate Arrays (FPGAs), that require separate core and I/O voltages. 1.1 Features Operates from 3V to 5.5V supply Programmable power-on reset level Current mode control for excellent dynamic response Fixed 1MHz switching frequency В±1.2% reference voltage Thermally enhanced heat-sink plastic package Highly efficient: 95% peak efficiency Bidirectional SYNC pin allows two devices to be synchronized 180В° out-of-phase Adjustable output voltage Analog soft-start Output undervoltage and output overcurrent protection Power-good output voltage monitor Tin (Sn) free lead finish Characterized radiation level 30krad(Si) at a low dose rate Single-event effects at LET = 43MeVcm2/mg 1.2 Related Literature For a full list of related documents, visit our website ISL71001M product page FN8926 Rev.1.00
    Mar 24, 2017 Page 1 of 33 ISL71001M 1.3 1. Overview Applications FPGA, CPLD, DSP, CPU Core, or I/O voltages Low-voltage, high-density distributed power systems Low Earth Orbit (LEO) applications High altitude avionics Launch vehicles
    100 ISL71001M CORE SYNC
    3.3V 90 ...



Package64 Ld TQFP
Package IndexQ64.10X10J
Peak Temperature260°C


# of Outputs1
Control TypeCurrent Mode
Description6A Synchronous Buck Regulator with Integrated MOSFETs
IOUT (max) (A)6
IQ1.4 mA
Low Dose Rate (ELDRS) krad(Si)30
Operating Temperature Range-55 to 125
Peak Efficiency (%)95
SEL (MeV/mg/cm2)43
SYNCH CapabilityYes
Switching Freq. (max)1.18 MHz
Switching Freq. (min).82 MHz
VIN (max) (V)5.5
VIN (min) (V)3
VOUT (min) (V).85

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Series: ISL71001M (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Space & Harsh Environment > Rad Tolerant Power > RT Switching Regulators

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