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Datasheet ON Semiconductor FDV302P

ManufacturerON Semiconductor
Part NumberFDV302P

Digital FET,P-Channel


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    Digital FET, P-Channel
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    October 2017 FDV302P
    Digital FET, P-Channel
    General Description Features This P-Channel logic level enhancement mode field effect
    transistor is produced using our proprietary, high cell
    density, DMOS technology. This very high density process is
    especially tailored to minimize on-state resistance. This
    device has been designed especially for low voltage
    applications as a replacement for digital transistors.
    bias resistors are not required, this one P-channel FET can
    replace several digital transistors with different bias resistors
    such as the DTCx and DCDx series. -25 V, -0.12 A continuous, -0.5 A Peak.
    RDS(ON) = 13 Ω @ VGS= -2.7 V
    RDS(ON) = 10 Ω @ VGS = -4.5 V.
    Very low level gate drive requirements allowing direct
    operation in 3V circuits. VGS(th) < 1.5V.
    Gate-Source Zener for ESD ruggedness.
    >6kV Human Body Model
    Compact industry standard SOT-23 surface mount
    Replace many PNP digital transistors (DTCx and DCDx)
    with one DMOS FET. SOT-23 SuperSOTTM-8 SuperSOTTM-6 SO-8 SOIC-16 SOT-223 Mark:302 D S G Absolute Maximum Ratings TA = 25oC unless otherwise noted Symbol Parameter VDSS Drain-Source Voltage VGSS Gate-Source Voltage ID Drain Current PD Maximum Power Dissipation TJ,TSTG Operating and Storage Temperature Range ESD Electrostatic Discharge Rating MIL-STD-883D
    Human Body Model (100pf / 1500 Ohm) -Continuous ...



Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)


Package Code318-08

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CompliancePb-free | Halide free

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Discrete > IGBTs & FETs > MOSFETs
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