Datasheet Broadcom HCPL-0630


High CMR, High Speed TTL Compatible Optocouplers


Datasheet 6N137, HCNW137, HCNW2601, HCNW2611, HCPL-0600, HCPL-0601, HCPL-0611, HCPL-0630, HCPL-0631, HCPL-0661, HCPL-2601, HCPL-2611, HCPL-2630, HCPL-2631, HCPL-4661
PDF, 1.3 Mb, File published: Mar 23, 2016, Pages: 29
High CMR, High Speed TTL Compatible Optocouplers 6N137, HCPL-26xx/06xx/4661, HCNW137/26x1
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Model Line

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Optocouplers and Opto-Isolators > Industrial Plastic > Digital Optocouplers > 10MBd

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