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Switching Power Manager with USB On-the-Go + Triple Step-Down DC/DCs


LTC3576/LTC3576-1 - Switching Power Manager with USB On-the-Go + Triple Step-Down DC/DCs
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Package4x6 QFN-38
Package Outline Drawing
4x6 QFN-38
Package Outline Drawing
Package CodeUFEUFE
Package Index05-08-175005-08-1750
Pin Count3838


Parameters / ModelsLTC3576EUFE-1#PBFLTC3576EUFE-1#TRPBF
Battery ChemistryLi-Ion, Li-PolymerLi-Ion, Li-Polymer
Buck Output Current, A0.4, 0.4, 10.4, 0.4, 1
Demo BoardsDC1334A,DC1577ADC1334A,DC1577A
Export Controlnono
FeaturesPowerPath, Battery Charger, Triple BuckPowerPath, Battery Charger, Triple Buck
Float Voltage, V4.24.2
Max Charge Current, A1.51.5
Number of Cells11
Number of Outputs33
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 850 to 85
PowerPathSwitching PowerPath, 180mΩ Internal Ideal DiodeSwitching PowerPath, 180mΩ Internal Ideal Diode
Type of ChargerLinearLinear
Vin Max, V5.55.5
Vin Min, V4.354.35

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  • Power Management > PMIC & Multifunction > PMIC (DC/DC, PowerPath and Battery Charger)