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Datasheet Songle Relay SMIH-05VDC-FL-B

Datasheet Songle Relay SMIH-05VDC-FL-B

ManufacturerSongle Relay
SeriesSMIH (14FH)
Part NumberSMIH-05VDC-FL-B

16 A Subminature High Power Relay


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    SUBMINATURE HIGH POWER RELAY SMIH Series US C 13 Features 29 .5 M A X AX В Miniature volume, PCB usage 20.6MAX E167996 M 16A В Contact rating:16A
    В Temperature range: -40в„ѓ/+85в„ѓ R50056114 В Creepage distance 6mm can reach the
    enhanced insulation standard Contact Rating Ordering Information
    SMIH-12VDC-S L-C
    A/ B / C
    L0.54W / D0.72W
    S sealed / F dustproof 5V / 6V / 9V / 12V
    18V / 24V / 36V / 48V Contact arrangment Contact a rrangment A/B/C Contact resistance 100mО© Contact material Silver alloy:AgCdOгЂЃAgSnO2гЂЃAgNi Contact rating TV-5/120VAC 3A/6A 250VAC 16A/250VAC Max switching voltage 250VAC Max switching current 16A Coil Power
    Construction Max switching power 4000VA Electrical endurance 1x10 ops / 1x10 ops Mechanical endurance 1x10 ops Coil Voltage 5 (frequency: 1800 ops/h) Part number 7 (frequency: 18000 ops/h) Characteristics Power
    dissipation B / F Insulation resistance 100MО© (500VDC) Leakage current
    1mA Between contacts
    and coil 5000VAC 1 minute Between open
    contacts 1000VAC 1 minute Operate time(Under nominal voltage) ≤10ms Release time(Under nominal voltage) ≤10ms Humidity 45% ~85% RH(20℃) Ambient Temperature -40℃~+85℃ Shock
    resistance пј€at 20в„ѓпј‰ Coil Data Insulation system Dielectric
    Strength 4 Functional 98m/sВІ Destructive 980m/sВІ W 0.54W
    (L) Vibration resistance
    ( Double amplitude) 10Hz~55Hz 1.5mm Weight Approx15g Construction Sealed 0.72W
    (D) Voltage Current Resistance Pick-up
    mA О©В±10% voltage 05
    12 ...



Size28.9×12.6×20.6 mm


Nominal Coil Voltage5 V

Moldel Line

Series: SMIH (14FH) (96)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Household appliance relay

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