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Isolated Transformer Driver for PCMCIA Applications


Datasheet MAX845
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Isolated Transformer Driver for PCMCIA Applications
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Detailed Description

Internal Power MOSFETs Save Space and Deliver 750mW

The MAX845 provides an isolated power supply small enough to fit in thin PCMCIA cards and space-sensitive applications.

It drives a low-profile center-tapped transformer primary from a 5V or 3.3V DC power supply. The secondary can be wound to provide any isolated positive or negative voltage at powers up to 750mW.

The MAX845 consists of an oscillator followed by a toggle flip-flop. The flip-flop generates two 50% duty-cycle square waves, which are complementary at half the oscillator frequency (450kHz, min). These two signals drive the ground-referenced N-channel power switches. Internal circuitry ensures break-before-make action between the two switches.

A low-power shutdown disables both the switches and the oscillator, reducing power consumption. An evaluation kit (MAX845EVKIT-MM) is available to evaluate low-profile 5V 40mA and 5V 100mA applications.

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