Datasheet Diodes AP7348


4 Channel 300MA High Psrr Low Noise Ldo With Enable


Datasheet AP7348
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4 Channel 300MA High PSRR Low Noise LDO With Enable
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Detailed Description

The AP7348 is a 4 channel low dropout regulator with high output voltage accuracy, low RDS(ON), high PSRR, low output noise and low quiescent current.

This regulator is based on a CMOS process.

The AP7348 includes two voltage references, and four channels with each having an error amplifier, foldback current limiting, a discharge circuit and an independent resistor network to determine the fixed output voltage. The over temperature sensing is for each channel with all 4 channel being disabled during a temperature fault condition. The device has two enable inputs with EN1 controlling both VOUT1 and VOUT3 leaving VOUT2 and VOUT4 to be controlled by EN2. During disable the two associated channels will discharge.

With its low power consumption and line and load transient response, the AP7348 is well suited for low power handheld communication equipment.
The AP7348 is provided in the X1-DFN1612-8 (Type B) package allowing for a small footprint and a dense PCB layout.


PackageX1-DFN1612-8 (Type B)


Parameters / ModelsAP7348D-1218RS4-7
Enable ActiveH
FeaturesHigh PSRR
IQ40 µA
Number of Channels4
Operating Temperature (Ambient)-40 to 85
VDROPOUT (Max)0.25 V
VIN (Max)5.25V V
VIN (Min)1.7 V
VOUT1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, 2.8 ,3.0, 3.3, 3.6 V

Model Line

Series: AP7348 (1)

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