Datasheet Maxim ICL7611


Single/Dual/Triple/Quad Operational Amplifiers


Datasheet ICL761X, ICL762X, ICL763X, ICL764X
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Single/Dual/Triple/Quad Operational Amplifiers
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The ICL761X–ICL764X family of monolithic CMOS op amps combine ultra-low input current with low-power operation over a wide supply voltage range.

With pinselectable quiescent currents of 10µA, 100µA, or 1000µA per amplifier, these op amps will operate from ±1V to ±8V power supplies, or from single supplies from 2V to 16V. The CMOS outputs swing to within millivolts of the supply voltages.

The ultra-low bias current of 1pA makes this family of op amps ideal for long time constant integrators, picoammeters, low droop rate sample/hold amplifiers and other applications where input bias and offset currents are critical. A low noise current of 0.01pA and an input impedance of 1012Ω ensure optimum performance with very high source impedances in such applications as pH meters and photodiode amplifiers.

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