Datasheet Infineon IQE013N04LM6CG

Datasheet Infineon IQE013N04LM6CG

OptiMOS low-voltage power MOSFET 40V in PQFN 3.3x3.3 Source-Down center-gate package with industry leading RDS(on)


Datasheet IQE013N04LM6CG
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OptiMOS Power-MOSFET, 40V
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The IQE013N04LM6CG extends the innovative Source-Down family with the 1.35mOhm, OptiMOS power MOSFET 40V in a 3.3x3.3 PQFN Source-Down Center-Gate package.

This best-in-class power MOSFET challenges the status quo in power density and form factor in the end application.

One target in power tool design is to minimize the internal restrictions of PCB area requirements, enabling an ergonomic design and optimizing the end user experience. Moving the inverter from the handle into the head simultaneously minimizes the volume of the power tool motor housing while keeping the torque of the tool at a reasonably high level for quick and easy action.


Lifecycle StatusActive (Recommended for new designs)

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Series: IQE013N04LM6CG (1)

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