Datasheet Qorvo QPC1251Q


Automotive eCall Antenna Routing Switch


Preliminary Datasheet QPC1251Q
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Broadband High Linearity e-Call Antenna Routing Switch
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Detailed Description

The QPC1251Q is a low loss, high linearity antenna routing switch that is designed to enable Emergency Calling (e-Call) functionality in the telematics control unit (TCU).

In the case of an emergency situation where antennas may become damaged or covered, the QPC1251Q allows a primary cellular link to be switched to other antennas in the automobile to establish emergency communication. The control interface for the QPC1251Q is an RFFE serial control system that is compliant with the V2.1 MIPI standard.

Model Line

Series: QPC1251Q (2)

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Switches > Antenna Switch Modules

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