Qorvo Launches First Fully Integrated Automotive eCall Switch with Industry-Leading Reliability and Performance

Qorvo QPC1251Q QPC1252Q

Single, compact routing switch replaces multiple discrete devices for emergency communications

Qorvo® introduced the first integrated broadband antenna routing switch that enables Emergency Calling (eCall) for automobiles. The low loss, high linearity switch allows a primary cellular link to be switched to other antennas within the car to ensure reliable connectivity with life-saving services during an accident. eCall has been available as a car manufacturer offering within the U.S. beginning in 2008, and the safety feature has been mandatory on all cars sold in the EU since 2018.

Qorvo - QPC1251Q, QPC1252Q

Qorvo offers two versions of the new AECQ Grade switch: the QPC1251Q for eCall and QPC1252Q for Dual Sim Dual Active (DSDA) eCall. Both deliver up to 50 percent board area savings over traditional discrete switch implementations and provide hot switching capabilities up to +29 dBm – suitable for all Telematic Control Unit (TCU) configurations. They also reduce insertion loss up to 1 dB, maximizing the effective power delivered to the external eCall antenna array. This minimizes thermals and enables better cellular and 5G connectivity, even in areas with limited signals.

The QPC1252Q Functional Block Diagram
The QPC1252Q Functional Block Diagram.

The QPC1251Q/1252Q are designed in small, pin-to-pin form factors with 2DID-enabled traceability to support the most challenging TCU requirements. OEM and Tier 1 suppliers need only one switch to have a complete eCall antenna routing solution that supports DSDA and non-DSDA applications. Competing offerings require four-plus discrete switches, associated matching and several engineering man-months of TCU board layout.

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