Datasheet Amidon FT-82-61

Part NumberFT-82-61
Datasheet Amidon FT-82-61

61 Material Ferrite Toroids


Datasheet Ferrite Toroidal Cores
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Material: 43, 61, 67, 68
Specifications 61 Material
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61 Material Ferrite Toroids


Detailed Description

61 Material and is designed for inductive applications up to 25 MHz and also suppresses noise frequencies from 200 MHz to 1000 MHz

Other Options

FT-114-43 FT-114-61 FT-114-67 FT-114-68 FT-114A-61 FT-140-43 FT-140-61 FT-140-67 FT-23-43 FT-23-61 FT-23-67 FT-23-68 FT-240-43 FT-240-61 FT-240-67 FT-37-43 FT-37-61 FT-37-67 FT-37-68 FT-50-43 FT-50-61 FT-50-67 FT-50-68 FT-50A-43 FT-50A-61 FT-50A-67 FT-50A-68 FT-50B-43 FT-50B-61 FT-50B-67 FT-82-43 FT-82-67 FT-82-68

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Ferrites > Ferrite Toroids > 61 Material Ferrite Toroids

Other Names:

FT8261, FT 82 61

1-4 Layer PCBs $2