Datasheet Amidon FT-37-43

Part NumberFT-37-43
Datasheet Amidon FT-37-43

Ferrite Toroid


Datasheet Ferrite Toroidal Cores
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Material: 43, 61, 67, 68
Specifications 43 Material
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43 Material Ferrite Toroids


Detailed Description

43 Material is used for EMI/RFI suppression in the 20 MHz to 250 MHz range

Other Options

FT-114-43 FT-114-61 FT-114-67 FT-114-68 FT-114A-61 FT-140-43 FT-140-61 FT-140-67 FT-23-43 FT-23-61 FT-23-67 FT-23-68 FT-240-43 FT-240-61 FT-240-67 FT-37-61 FT-37-67 FT-37-68 FT-50-43 FT-50-61 FT-50-67 FT-50-68 FT-50A-43 FT-50A-61 FT-50A-67 FT-50A-68 FT-50B-43 FT-50B-61 FT-50B-67 FT-82-43 FT-82-61 FT-82-67 FT-82-68

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Ferrites > Ferrite Toroids > 43 Material Ferrite Toroids

Other Names:

FT3743, FT 37 43

1-4 Layer PCBs $2