Datasheet Maxim MAX9690


Ultra-Fast ECL-Output Comparator


Datasheet MAX9690
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Ultra-Fast ECL-Output Comparator
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Detailed Description

The MAX9690 is an ultra-fast ECL comparator manufactured with a high-frequency bipolar process (fT = 6GHz) capable of very short propagation delays.

This design maintains the excellent DC matching characteristics normally found only in slower comparators. The MAX9690 is similar in function to the MAX9685, except the latchenable input is eliminated.

The MAX9690 is pin-compatible with the CMP-08 but exceeds the AC characteristics of that device.

The MAX9690 has differential inputs and complementary outputs that are fully compatible with ECL-logic levels. Output current levels are capable of driving 50Ω terminated transmission lines. The ultra-fast operation makes signal processing possible at frequencies in excess of 600MHz.

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