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Low-Cost, Ultra-Small, 3µA Single-Supply Comparators


Datasheet MAX9075, MAX9077
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Low-Cost, Ultra-Small, 3µA Single-Supply Comparators
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The MAX9075/MAX9077 single/dual comparators are optimized for 3V and 5V single-supply applications.

These comparators have a 580ns propagation delay and consume just 3µA per comparator. The combination of low-power, single-supply operation down to 2.1V, and ultra-small footprint makes these devices ideal for all portable applications.

The MAX9075/MAX9077 have a common-mode input voltage range of -0.2V to VCC - 1.2V. Unlike many comparators, there is no differential clamp between the inputs, allowing the differential input voltage range to extend rail-to-rail. All inputs and outputs tolerate a continuous short-circuit fault condition to either rail.

The design of the output stage limits supply-current surges while switching (typical of many other comparators), minimizing power consumption under dynamic conditions. Large internal push-pull output drivers allow rail-to-rail output swing with loads up to 2mA, making these devices ideal for interface with TTL/CMOS logic.


The MAX9075 single comparator is available in 5-pin SC70 and SOT23 packages, while the MAX9077 dual comparator is available in 8-pin SOT23, µMAX , and SO packages.

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