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Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit in 3-Lead SOT-23 & SC70, Active-Low Push-Pull Output


Datasheet ADM803, ADM809, ADM810
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Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits in 3-Lead SC70 and SOT-23
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The ADM809 supervisory circuit monitors the power supply voltage in microprocessor systems.

It provides a reset output during power-up, power-down and brownout conditions. On power-up, an internal timer holds reset asserted for 240ms. This holds the microprocessor in a reset state until conditions have stabilized. The RESET output remains operational with VCC as low as 1V. The ADM809 provides an active-low reset signal RESET, and has a push-pull output stage.

Seven reset threshold options are available. The reset comparator features built-in glitch immunity, making it immune to fast transients on VCC.

The ADM809 is available in 3-lead SOT-23 and SC70 and consumes only 17µA, making it suitable for low power portable equipment.

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ADM803 ADM810

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  • Power Monitor, Control, and Protection > Supervisory Circuits > Single-Supply Monitors