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Datasheet IRF6611TR1 - International Rectifier MOSFET, N, DIRECTFET, MX

International Rectifier IRF6611TR1

Part Number: IRF6611TR1

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: International Rectifier


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PD - 96978E
DirectFET Power MOSFET
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RoHS compliant containing no lead or bromide VDSS VGS RDS(on) RDS(on) Low Profile (<0.7 mm) 30V max ±20V max 2.0m@ 10V 2.6m@ 4.5V Dual Sided Cooling Compatible Qg tot Qgd Qgs2 Qrr Qoss Vgs(th) Ultra Low Package Inductance Optimized for High Frequency Switching above 1MHz 37nC 12nC 3.3nC 16nC 23nC 1.7V Ideal for CPU Core DC-DC Converters Optimized for SyncFET Socket of Sync. Buck Converter Low Conduction Losses Compatible with Existing Surface Mount Techniques

Simulation ModelSimulation Model


  • Capacitance Ciss Typ: 4860 pF
  • Continuous Drain Current Id: 32 A
  • Current Id Max: 22 A
  • Drain Source Voltage Vds: 30 V
  • Junction Temperature Tj Max: 150°C
  • Junction Temperature Tj Min: -40°C
  • Mounting Type: SMD
  • Number of Pins: 5
  • On Resistance Rds(on): 2 MOhm
  • Package / Case: MX
  • Power Dissipation Pd: 3.9 W
  • Pulse Current Idm: 220 A
  • Rds(on) Test Voltage Vgs: 10 V
  • Reverse Recovery Time trr Typ: 24 ns
  • SMD Marking: 6611
  • SVHC: No SVHC (15-Dec-2010)
  • Threshold Voltage Vgs Typ: 2.25 V
  • Transistor Case Style: MX
  • Transistor Polarity: N Channel
  • Voltage Vds Typ: 30 V
  • Voltage Vds: 30 V
  • Voltage Vgs Max: 2.25 V
  • Voltage Vgs Rds on Measurement: 10 V

RoHS: Yes


  • LICEFA - V11-7

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