Datasheet NIF62514T1G - ON Semiconductor SMART MOSFET, N, 42 V, 1.73 W, SOT-223

ON Semiconductor NIF62514T1G

Part Number: NIF62514T1G

Detailed Description

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor

Description: SMART MOSFET, N, 42 V, 1.73 W, SOT-223

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Preferred Device
Self-Protected FET with Temperature and Current Limit
HDPlus devices are an advanced series of power MOSFETs which utilize ON Semiconductor's latest MOSFET technology process to achieve the lowest possible on-resistance per silicon area while incorporating smart features.

Integrated thermal and current limits work together to provide short circuit protection. The devices feature an integrated Drain-to-Gate Clamp that enables them to withstand high energy in the avalanche mode. The Clamp also provides additional safety margin against unexpected voltage transients. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection is provided by an integrated Gate-to-Source Clamp.


RoHS: Yes


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