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DescriptionSilicon Carbide Power MOSFET C3M Planar MOSFET Technology N-Channel Enhancement Mode
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C3M0016120K. I D@ 25˚C. Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET. DS(on). C3MTM MOSFET Technology. Features. Package. TAB. Drain. Benefits

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1200 V
DS C3M0016120K I D@ 25˚C
115 A
Silicon Carbide Power MOSFET R
16 mΩ
DS(on) C3MTM MOSFET Technology
N-Channel Enhancement Mode
Features Package
• 3rd generation SiC MOSFET technology •
Optimized package with separate driver source pin
• 8mm of creepage distance between drain and source • High blocking voltage with low on-resistance • High-speed switching with low capacitances • Fast intrinsic diode with low reverse recovery (Q )rr • Halogen free, RoHS compliant
Benefits Drain (Pin 1, TAB)
• Reduce switching losses and minimize gate ringing •
1 2 3 4
Higher system efficiency
• Reduce cooling requirements • Increase power density • Increase system switching frequency
Gate (Pin 4) Driver Power Applications Source Source (Pin 3) (Pin 2)
• Solar inverters • EV motor drive • High voltage DC/DC converters • Switched mode power supplies
Part Number Package Marking
• Load switch C3M0016120K TO 247-4 C3M0016120K
Maximum Ratings
(T = 25 ˚C unless otherwise specified) C
Symbol Parameter Value Unit Test Conditions Note
VDSmax Drain - Source Voltage 1200 V VGS = 0 V, ID = 100 μA VGSmax Gate - Source Voltage (dynamic) -8/+19 V AC (f >1 Hz) Note 1 VGSop Gate - Source Voltage (static) -4/+15 V Static Note 2 115 VGS = 15 V, TC = 25˚C ID Continuous Drain Current A Fig. 19 85 VGS = 15 V, TC = 100˚C ID(pulse) Pulsed Drain Current 250 A Pulse width tP limited by Tjmax P Power Dissipation 556 W T =25˚C, T = 175 ˚C Fig. 20 D C J T , T Operating Junction and Storage Temperature -40 to J stg +175 ˚C T Solder Temperature 260 ˚C 1.6mm (0.063”) from case for 10s L Note (1): When using MOSFET Body Diode V = -4V/+19V GSmax Note (2): MOSFET can also safely operate at 0/+15 V
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