PIC16(L)F170X/171X (Microchip)

DescriptionCost Effective 8-Bit Intelligent Analog Flash Microcontrollers
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PIC16(L)F170X/171X. Cost Effective 8-Bit Intelligent Analog Flash Microcontrollers. Description:. Core Features:

PIC16(L)F170X/171X Microchip

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PIC16(L)F170X/171X Cost Effective 8-Bit Intelligent Analog Flash Microcontrollers Description:
PIC16F(L)170X/171X microcontrollers combine Intelligent Analog integration with low cost and extreme low power (XLP) to suit a variety of general purpose applications. These 14 to 44-pin devices deliver on-chip Op Amps, Core Independent Peripherals (CLC, NCO and COG), Peripheral Pin Select and Zero-Cross Detect, providing for increased design flexibility.
Core Features: Digital Peripherals:
• C Compiler Optimized RISC Architecture • Configurable Logic Cel (CLC): • Only 49 Instructions - Integrated combinational and sequential logic • Operating Speed: • Complementary Output Generator (COG): - 0-32 MHz clock input - Rising/falling edge dead-band control/blanking - 125 ns minimum instruction cycle • Numerically Controlled Oscil ator (NCO): • Interrupt Capability - Generates true linear frequency control and • 16-Level Deep Hardware Stack increased frequency resolution • Up to Four 8-bit Timers - Input Clock: 0Hz < FNCO < 32 MHz • One 16-bi t Timer - Resolution: FNCO/220 • Power-on Reset (POR) • Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP) module • Power-up Timer (PWRT) • PWM: Two 10-bit Pulse-Width Modulators • Low-Power Brown-Out Reset (LPBOR) • Serial Communications: • Programmable Watchdog Timer (WDT) up to 256s - SPI, I2C™, RS-232, RS-485, LIN compatible • Programmable Code Protection - Auto-Baud Detect, auto-wake-up on start
• Up to 35 I/O Pins and One Input Pin: - Individually programmable pul -ups • Up to 16 Kwords Flash Program Memory - Slew rate control • Up to 2048 Bytes Data SRAM Memory - Interrupt-on-change with edge-select • Direct, Indirect and Relative Addressing modes • Peripheral Pin Select (PPS):
Operating Characteristics:
- Enables pin mapping of digital I/O • Operating Voltage Range:
Intelligent Analog Peripherals:
- 1.8V to 3.6V (PIC16LF170X/171X) • Operational Amplifiers: - 2.3V to 5.5V (PIC16F170X/171X) - Two configurable rail-to-rail op amps • Temperature Range: - Selectable internal and external channels - Industrial: -40°C to 85°C - 2 MHz gain bandwidth product - Extended: -40°C to 125°C • High-Speed Comparators:
eXtreme Low-Power (XLP) Features:
- Up to two comparators • Sleep mode: 50 nA @ 1.8V, typical - 50 ns response time • Watchdog Timer: 500 nA @ 1.8V, typical - Rail-to-rail inputs • Secondary Oscil ator: 500 nA @ 32 kHz • 10-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC): • Operating Current: - Up to 28 external channels - 8 uA @ 32 kHz, 1.8V, typical - Conversion available during Sleep - 32 uA/MHz @ 1.8V, typical - Temperature indicator • Zero-Cross Detector (ZCD): - Detect when AC signal on pin crosses ground • 8-Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC): - Output available externally - Internal connections to comparators, op amps, Fixed Voltage Reference (FVR) and ADC • Internal Voltage Reference module  2013 Microchip Technology Inc.
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DS40001708A-page 1 Document Outline Description: Core Features: Memory: Operating Characteristics: eXtreme Low-Power (XLP) Features: - 8 uA @ 32 kHz, 1.8V, typical - 32 uA/MHz @ 1.8V, typical Digital Peripherals: Intelligent Analog Peripherals: Clocking Structure: Programming/Debug Features: TABLE 1: 14-Pin and 16-Pin Allocation Table (PIC16(L)F1703) TABLE 2: 14-Pin and 16-Pin Allocation Table (PIC16(L)F1704/5) TABLE 3: 20-Pin Allocation Table (PIC16(L)F1707) TABLE 4: 20-Pin Allocation Table (PIC16(L)F1708/9) TABLE 5: 28-Pin Allocation Table (PIC16L(F)1713/6/8) (Part 1) TABLE 6: 28-Pin Allocation Table (PIC16L(F)1713/6/8) (Part 2) TABLE 7: Pin Allocation Table (PIC16L(F)1717/9) (Part 1) TABLE 8: Pin Allocation Table (PIC16L(F)1717/9) (Part 2 Trademarks Worldwide Sales
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