Datasheet SCM1212A (Mornsun)

DescriptionTransformer Driver for Isolated Power Supplies
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SCM1212A Transformer Driver for Isolated Power Supplies

Datasheet SCM1212A Mornsun

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SCM1212A Transformer Driver for Isolated Power Supplies
Features Packaging 4.5~8V Wide input voltage Push-Pul Driver for Smal Transformers Two built-in power MOSFET and Highly symmetrical drive Built in soft start function Output short circuit protection Over temperature protection Application Optional Packaging of Product:SOT23-5 please refer to “Order Information” for details of silk screen. DC-DC Isolation Converter Isolated Interface Power Supply for CAN,RS-485,RS-422,RS-232,SPI,I2C,Low-Power LAN. Industrial Automation Process Control Medical Equipment Description The SCM1212A is a oscil ator power-driver integrated with MOSFET,specifical y designed for smal form factor,isolated power supplies in isolated interface applications.The SCM1212A drives a low-profile,center-tapped transformer primary from a 4.5~8V wide DC power supply.The secondary can be wound to provide any isolated voltage based on transformer turns ratio when VVD1/VVD2 is less than absolute maximum rating. The driver of internal MOSFETs is highly symmetrical,thereby decreasing the degree of magnetic biasing of push-pul topology.The chip also is integrated with three key technologies to improve reliability:soft start,output short circuit protection,and over temperature protection. The SCM1212A is available in a smal SOT23-5 package,and is specified for operation at temperatures from -40℃ to 125℃. Simplified Schemetic Function Curves 2019.12.13-A/3 Page 1 of 11 MORNSUN Guangzhou Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.reserves the copyright and right of final interpretation Document Outline Mornsun Guangzhou Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
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