Datasheet MIC5159 (Microchip)

DescriptionProgrammable Current Limit uCap LDO Regulator Controller
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MIC5159. Programmable Current Limit µCap LDO. Regulator Controller. General Description. Features. Input voltage range: V

Datasheet MIC5159 Microchip

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MIC5159 Programmable Current Limit µCap LDO Regulator Controller General Description Features
Micrel’s MIC5159 is a precision-voltage regulator • Fast transient response controller. Used with an external P-Channel MOSFET, the •
Input voltage range: V
MIC5159 forms a two-chip low-dropout regulator capable
IN 1.65V to 5.5V
• of driving a wide range of output currents. ±1.0% initial output tolerance • Fixed 1.8V or adjustable output voltage down to 1.25V The MIC5159 operates from an input of 1.65V to 5.5V. The low input voltage allows the MIC5159 to operate off of high •
Stable with ceramic output capacitor
power 1.8V rails to generate lower voltages such as 1.5V. •
Capable up to 10A
Features of the MIC5159 include enable input and current- • Excellent line and load regulation specifications limit protection. As a µCap design, the MIC5159 is stable • Logic-controlled shutdown with ceramic output capacitors. • Programmable current limit The MIC5159 is packaged in the IttyBitty® SOT-23-6, and • Current-limit protection is offered in fixed and adjustable output voltages. Junction temperature range of the MIC5159 is from –40°C to • IttyBitty® SOT-23-6 package +125°C. • Available temperature range:–40°C to +125°C •
• Ultra-high current, ultra-low dropout voltage regulator • High-efficiency linear power supplies • Low-voltage distributed power • Fixed telecom • Multimedia and PC power supplies • Battery chargers • Low-voltage DSP, microprocessor and microcontroller power supplies
Typical Application
Q1–Q4 SUB15P01–52 × 4 VIN VOUT
U1 MIC5159BM6/YM6
5 R1 10A C1 EN GATE 1 C1 C1 IN FB 3 IS GND 100mA R2 VIN = 3.3V GND GND

VOUT = 2.5V C OUT = 200µF
Adjustable Output Voltage
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