Datasheet UF3C120150B7S (UnitedSiC)

Description1200V-150mW SiC Cascode
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1200V-150mW. SiC. Cascode. Rev. A,. January. 2021. DATASHEET. Description. This. SiC. FET. device. is. based. on. a. unique. ‘cascode’. circuit. UF3C120150B7S

Datasheet UF3C120150B7S UnitedSiC

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1200V-150mW SiC Cascode Rev. A, January 2021 DATASHEET Description This SiC FET device is based on a unique ‘cascode’ circuit UF3C120150B7S configuration, in which a normally-on SiC JFET is co-packaged with a Si MOSFET to produce a normally-off SiC FET device. The device’s standard gate-drive characteristics allows for a true “drop-in replacement” to Si IGBTs, Si FETs, SiC MOSFETs or Si superjunction devices. Available in the D2PAK-7L package, this device exhibits ultra- low gate charge and exceptional reverse recovery characteristics, making it ideal for switching inductive loads , and any application D (Tab) requiring standard gate drive. Features Tab w On-resistance RDS(on): 150mW (typ) G (1) w Operating temperature: 175°C (max) 1 w Excellent reverse recovery: Qrr = 67nC 7 w Low body diode VFSD: 1.46V KS (2) w Low gate charge: QG = 25.7nC w Threshold voltage VG(th): 4.4V (typ) allowing 0 to 15V drive S (3-7) w Package creepage and clearance distance > 6.1mm w Kelvin source pin for optimized switching performance w ESD protected, HBM class 2 Part Number Package Marking UF3C120150B7S D2PAK-7L UF3C120150B7S Typical applications Any controlled environment such as w Telecom and Server Power w Industrial power supplies w Power factor correction modules w Motor drives w Induction heating Datasheet: UF3C120150B7S Rev. A, January 2021 1