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Microchip Multimedia Expansion Board II (DM320005-2)

Main Features of Kit or Board
Base componentMicrochip
Category, bit32-bit
Supported familiesPIC32MZ
Board peripherals
  • I/O pins
  • LCD
  • touch-screen display
  • Bluetooth
  • accelerometer
  • Wi-Fi
  • temperature sensor
  • audio in/out
  • video in/out
  • user buttons
  • user LEDs
  • sense
  • Power Management
  • Expansion Board

Part NumberDM32005-2

Multimedia Expansion Board II (MEB-II) is a highly integrated, compact and flexible development platform which works with PIC32MZ Starter Kit. The MEB-II kit features a 4.3” WQVGA PCAP touch display daughter board. The kit also has an onboard 24-bit stereo audio codec, VGA camera, 802.11 b/g wireless module, Bluetooth HCI transceiver, temperature sensor, microSD slot and analog accelerometer.


Detailed Description

The MEB II system consists of the PIC32 Starter Kit, MEB II mother board, and a display daughter board (4.3" PCAP touch). MEB II is a mother board that contains all the necessary components and interfaces to support the multimedia features. PIC32 starter kit c onnects to MEB II through a 168-pin board-to-board connector and contains the PIC32 microcontroller with additional components (debug, memory, communication etc). The display daughter board is connected to the MEB II using a 60-pin board-to-board connector (detachable), providing flexibility to support a variety of displays.

Microchip Multimedia Expansion Board II (DM320005-2)


  • Works with the following kits and adaptor boards:
  • PIC32MZ EC Starter Kit w/ Crypto Engine
  • PIC32MZ EC Starter Kit
  • MEB/MEB II UART-to-USB Adaptor Board
  • 24-bit stereo audio codec
  • Integrated 802.11 b/g wireless module
  • Low-cost Bluetooth HCI transceiver
  • Optional EBI SRAM memory
  • 4.3” WQVGA PCAP touch display daughter board
  • microSD slot
  • mTouch sensing solutions buttons
  • Analog temperature sensor
  • VGA camera
  • PICtail connector

The Multimedia Expansion Board II (MEB II) contains the following items:

  1. Multimedia Expansion Board II (MEB II) (Mother Board)
  2. 4.3" WQVGA Display Board (Daughter Board)
  3. Multimedia Expansion Board II (MEB II) Information Sheet

User Guide and Schematic

Other Names:

DM320052, DM32005 2

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