Debugger/programmer module FTDI UMFPD2A

Part NumberUMFTPD2A

The UMFPD2A debugger/programmer module provides a USB bridge between the FT90x Eclipse IDE development tools runnng on a PC and the FT900 1-wire debug pin.


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Detailed Description

This module can be used to program, configure the EFUSE and debug firmware running on the FT90x series.

The  UMFTPD2A  module  features  a single  line  half-duplex  UART  signal  with  no handshake  (One-Wire  interface),  one  MPSSE interface,  one  UART  interface  and  a  Bit-Bang port.

The  module  has  configured  the  FT4232HL Channel  A  as  a  UMFTPD2A  one-wire  interface for  MM900EVxA  evaluation  board  firmware  / application download, or GDB debugging.

The  FT4232HL  Channel  B  is  configured  as  a UMFTPD2A MPSSE interface with 4 GPIO control signals. This allows the UMFTPD2A to implement MM900EVxA  evaluation  board  EFUSE  program, or firmware / application upload as well.

The  FT4232HL  Channel  C  is  optional.  It  is configured  as  a  UART  that  can  capture  the messages from MM900EVxA evaluation board insoftware debugging.

The FT4232HL Channel D  is  reserved as a Big-Bang interface for generic GPIO purposes.

The  FT90x  program  utility  can  activate  the required  channels  corresponding  to  the operations.

Debugger/programmer module FTDI UMFPD2A

Key Features:

UMFPD2A User Guide and Schematic

Main Features of Programmer

  • In-circuit
  • Programmer/emulator
Connection interfaceUSB
Target connection
  • FTDIdebug
  • USB-Bit-Bang
Supported devicesFTDI FT90x
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