FTDI Programmer Debugger Module FTPD-1

Part NumberFTPD-1

The FTPD-1 is a module with a FT230X USB to UART converter and a dual buffer.


Detailed Description

The FTPD-1 utilises these components to generate a single line half-duplex UART signal with no handshake which can be used to program several of FTDI’s MCU devices, predominantly FT51A. This module also provides a switched 5V power supply to the target device and is configured such that it does not infringe USB compliance regulations for supplying bus power.

FTPD-1’s board dimensions are the same as a credit card; however the fitted components give it additional height. The module is supplied with a berg connector ribbon cable; however it is compatible for operation with pogo pin cables. Allcomponents used, including the FT230X are Pb-free.


  • Full-Speed USB to UART converter
  •  Single half-duplex UART data pin input/output
  • Two dedicated GPIOs to control Reset# and Prog# outputs
  • TXDEN  line  to  control  the  direction  of  the  half-duplex UART data
  • PWREN# line to control the power supply  
  • 2×3 way 2.54 mm pitch shrouded male header
  • 150 mm  ribbon  cable  with  Female  to  Female 2.54 mm pitch 2×3 way connectors
  • Protected by resettable  fuse with 0.5 A hold current and schottky diode on the output power line.
  • Pogo pin compatible
  • Power output available, indication LED

User Guide and Schematic Diagram

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