Evaluation Module FTDI FT51A-EVM

Part NumberFT51A-EVM

The FT51A-EVM is a development module for FTDI’s FT51AQ, one of the devices from FTDI’s range of 8-bit microcontrollers with USB interface bridging features integrated.


Detailed Description

FT51A  is  a  MCU  which  includes  the following features: USB client and USB hub  interfaces, 8051 core, 8-bit ADC, UART, SPI, I2C, 245 FIFO and PWM.

The  FT51A-EVM demonstrates the FT51A series I2C and SPI  interfaces,  the ADC  input, PWM  and GPIO features. It contains a 28 pin header which allows easy access  to all  the  FT51AQ’s  IO pins, as well as the debug  and  reset  pins.  This  module  also  comes preloaded with the FT51A-EVM firmware that allows users to use all the features of the module without developing firmware.

The FT51A-EVM is fitted with a FT51AQ; many of the features of the FT51A series can be utilized with this module.  For a  full  list of  the  FT51A series features please see the FT51A datasheet. 

Evaluation Module FTDI FT51A-EVM

FT51A-EVM  has  the  following features:  

  • FT51A MCU installed:
    • 8051-compatible core running at a maximum frequency of 48 MHz
    • 8051 peripheral set
    • 16 kB program/shadow memory
    • True Zero Wait States operation up to 48 MHz
    • FT12 series compatible USB2.0 Full-Speed/Low-Speed peripheral controller with Battery Charger Detection (BCD)
    • USB downstream port
    • Enhanced UART with transfer rates from 300 baud to 3M Baud
    • Integrated hardware debugger
    • PWM Controller
    • I2C master/slave controller
    • SPI master/slave controller
    • 4 extra timers plus watchdog function
    • Integrated clock generation, no external crystal required.
    • 16 Analog IO Cells for ADC functions
    • Up to 16 Digial IO
    • USB DFU Bootloader
    • Integrated power-on-reset circuit
    • +5 V single supply operation
    • Internal 3.3 V/1.8 V LDO regulators
    • Low operating and suspend current 20 mA (active) and 150 uA (suspend)
  • 20×2  characters, LCD display, with I2C interface and RGB backlight.
  • Heart-Rate  Monitor  with  filtered  and  amplified analogue output
  • Force sensitive resistor
  • SPI temperature sensor
  • Push buttons controls and LED indicator
  • Interface footprints  to allow for communication with FTDI’s FT8xx modules and TTL-232R cables  
  • Upstream and downstream USB ports which allows for direct connection cascading.
  • Debugger interface header used for debugging and programming  the FT51AQ. Designer for operation with  FTPD-1.
  • Onboard jumper for configuring the module to be in self powered or USB powered.

User Guide and Schematic Diagram

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