Rohde&Schwarz RTM3004 + RTM-B245 Oscilloscope

Part NumberRTM3004 + RTM-B245
Rohde&Schwarz RTM3004 + RTM-B245  Oscilloscope

Designed as daily problem-solving tool, the RTM3000 combines the power of ten (10-bit ADC, 10 times the memory and 10.1" touchscreen) with a Rohde & Schwarz probe interface for all Rohde & Schwarz probes.

I    Four times more vertical resolution than standard 8-bit ADCs
I    Maintains fast sampling rates at all times
I    10.1" touchscreen with gesture support


RTM3000 oscilloscope - data sheet
PDF, 2.2 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 05.01, File published: Mar 1, 2018
RTM3000 oscilloscope - product brochure
PDF, 10.7 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 04.02, File published: Mar 1, 2018
RTM3000 user manual
PDF, 16.1 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 04 (FW 1.300), File published: Jun 12, 2018



Bandwidth500 MHz
Memory Depth max80 Msample
Number of Channels4
Optional MSO16 digital channels
Sample Rate5 Gsample/s

Model Line

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Other Names:

RTM3004 + RTMB245, RTM3004 + RTM B245

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