Rohde&Schwarz RTA4004 Oscilloscope

Part NumberRTA4004
Rohde&Schwarz RTA4004  Oscilloscope

Designed with class-leading signal integrity and responsive ultra-deep memory, the RTA4000 brings the power of 10 to a new level.


RTA4000 oscilloscope - product brochure
PDF, 9.6 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 03.03, File published: Mar 1, 2018
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RTA4000 oscilloscope - data sheet
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RTA4000 user manual
PDF, 16.0 Mb, Language: en, Revision: 03 (FW 1.100), File published: Jun 12, 2018
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Detailed Description

A Rohde & Schwarz designed 10-bit ADC plus class-leading noise and memory depth gives you sharp waveforms, more accurate measurements and confidence when facing unexpected measurement challenges.


Bandwidth200 MHz
Memory Depth max200 Msample
Number of Channels4
Optional MSO16 digital channels
Sample Rate5 Gsample/s

Model Line

Manufacturer's Classification

  • Test and measurement > Oscilloscopes

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