Single Phase Energy Meter Reference Design Microchip ARD00280

The PIC18F87J72 Single Phase Energy Meter Reference Design is a fully functional single phase meter featuring the PIC18F87J72 MCU with Analog Front End.

Detailed Description

This low cost design uses a shunt for the current sensor in place of expensive current transformers. The PIC18F87J72 directly drives the LCD and includes both an isolated USB connection and non-isolated RS232 interface for meter calibration and access to the device power calculations. The system calculates active/reactive energy, forward/reverse energy, active/reactive/apparent power and RMS current/voltage. The Microchip Energy Meter 1-Phase Software is used to calibrate and monitor the system. It can also be used to create custom calibration setups. For some accuracy requirements only a single point calibration may be required. The energy meter software offers an automated step by step calibration process that can be used to quickly calibrate energy meters.

Microchip: ARD00280


  • Working single phase energy meter
  • Energy calculation firmware: Active/Reactive Energy; Forward/Reverse Energy; Active/Reactive/Apparent Power; RMS Current & Voltage; Editable by meter designer
  • GUI-assisted software calibration
  • LCD display for energy
  • Low cost shunt based design
  • Better than IEC Class 0.5 performance

This Kit Contains:

  1. One PIC18F87J72 Single Phase Energy Meter Reference Design

Single Phase Energy Meter Reference Design Shematic Diagram

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