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Specialized programmer Elnec T51prog2

Elnec » T51Prog2, PROG T51PROG2

Main Features of Programmer
  • In-circuit
  • Autonomous
Connection interfaceUSB
Target connection
  • ICSP-10(Atmel)
  • ZIF socket
Supported devices
  • MCU Atmel AVR
  • MCU Atmel 8051
  • MCS51

MCS51 series and Atmel AVR microcontrollers ISP capable fast programmer.

Elnec fully understand needs of customers programming high volumes for which cost of adapters is one of most important component of costs. Therefore Elnec policy is to offer:

  1. fixed discount when buying 4+ adapters of particular type,
  2. individual discount for quantities 8+ according to type of adapter and demanded quantity. To get Quotation 8+ please click here: Ask for price

Elnec T51prog2

Short description:

  • 10762 supported devices from 150 manufacturers by 2.76 version of SW (27. Jan. 2011)
  • small, very fast and powerful portable programmer of MCS51 series and Atmel AVR microcontrollers
  • in-circuit serial programming (ISP) capability included
  • program also serial EEPROMs
  • DIL40 ZIF socket, all MCS51/AVR chips in DIL package up to 40 pins are supported without adapters
  • connection to PC: USB port
  • USB 2.0 full speed and USB 1.1 compatible
  • upgradeable to SmartProg2 programmer.
  • comfortable and easy to use control program, work with all versions of MS Windows from Windows 98 to Window 7 64-bit
  • free SW update, download from Internet
  • power supply, cable and software included
  • approved by CE laboratory to meet CE requirements


  • two D/A converters for VCCP and VPP, controllable rise and fall time
  • VCCP range 2V..7V/350mA
  • VPP range 2V..25V/200mA
  • USB 2.0/1.1 compatible interface
  • autocalibration
  • selftest capability

ZIF socket, pindriver

  • 40-pin DIL ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socket accepts both 300/600 mil devices up to 40-pins
  • pindriver: 40 TTL pindrivers, specialized GND/VCC/VPP pindriver for MCS51 and AVR devices
  • FPGA based TTL driver provides H, L, CLK, pull-up, pull-down on all pindriver pins, level H selectable from 1.8 V up to 5V
  • continuity test: each pin is tested before every programming operation

ISP connector

  • 10-pin male type with missinsertion lock
  • 6 TTL pindrivers, provides H, L, CLK, pull-up, pull-down; level H selectable from 1.8V up to 5V to handle all (low-voltage including) devices.
  • 1x VCCP voltage (range 2V..7V/100mA)  and 1x VPP voltage (range 2V..25V/50mA)
  • programmed chip voltage (VCCP) with both source/sink capability and voltage sense

Programmer, in ZIF socket

  • microcontrollers MCS51 series: 87Cxxx, 87LVxx, 89Cxxx, 89Sxxx, 89LVxxx, LPC series from Atmel, Atmel W&M, Intel, Philips, SST, Winbond, ... 8-40 pins
  • microcontrollers Atmel AVR: ATtiny, AT90Sxxx, ATmega series (parallel and serial mode), 8-40 pins
  • Serial E(E)PROM: 24Cxxx, 24Fxxx, 25Cxxx, 59Cxxx, 85xxx, 93Cxxx series

Programmer, through ISP connector

  • Microcontrollers Atmel: AT89Sxxx, AT90Sxxxx, ATtiny, ATmega series
  • Microcontrollers Philips: LPC series

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