What must every traveller know about Dutyfree Baku shop

Many modern people travel to other countries. They can do it for different aims: business, visiting friends and relatives, spending holidays or vacations abroad, studying, new job. Such travellers use different types of transport: trains, buses, ships, usual cars. But to reach other city or country quickly they can only by planes. And sometimes such tourists need buy some goods in the airport . That's why they visit place called Dutyfree Baku. Let's figure out what does this term mean.

What is this shop

Everybody pays some taxes when he or she purchases something in the usual supermarket. That's why different goods can be expensive there. But some shops in airports don't take any taxes from their consumers. Such places are called "dutyfree". They usually work in the airport zones.

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan. 2300000 people live in this city. So it has the airport with the dutyfree shop for travellers.

What do the people buy in this shop

Usually the visitors take there such types of goods:

  • food and drinks;
  • cosmetics;
  • souvenirs for their friends and relatives;
  • perfumery;
  • goods for children (school bags, toys).

Also this shop sells different kinds of electronics with necessary accessories. So if the traveller has forgotten his mobile phone or usual headset, he can buy these things in the dutyfree shop. He can also do such way to take some presents for his friens, collegues, relatives.

Does the dutyfree shop sell some goods online

Yes, the answer for this question is positive. Consumers who want to do this can use their electronic devices:

  • laptops and netbooks;
  • mobile phones;
  • tablets.

All these things powered with Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS must have Wi-Fi or some other type of Internet access (for example, via Sim-card).

These people have to visit the official site of the dutyfree shop. Then they open the list of goods, add chosen things to cart and pay money from their bank plastic cards.

Then they take chosen goods in the airport. But these consumers must tell their names to pick up their orders.

Also every traveller can install the programme for his or her mobile phone. There are versions of this application for Anroid and iOS.

The site of dutyfree shop in Baku works in such languages: Russian, English, German, Azerbaijanian, Lithuanian. It's because visitors of this place can be from all over the world, especially from the post-Soviet republics.